Research has shown a direct link between B vitamins and Alzheimer’s
We look at the link between obesity and mental health
Can a cuppa help to reduce anxiety levels?
Foods good for SAD and recipes to try
Junk food can have an impact on mental health
A new study suggests that it is protein, not sugar, that stimulates cells which keep us thin and awake.
Research shows that a person’s appetite sensation is heightened in response to pictures of food after just one night of sleep loss
Research confirms the link between fast food and commercial baked goods with depression
Omega 3 may be associated with lower levels of a protein related to Alzheimer's disease
OK, here goes... I have always loved to write, and have done so for many years. Not professionally, but for my own enjoyment. I suppose I found it therapeutic. Over an extended period of time, the writing stopped flowing. My mental health (...
12th November 2011
I am in the grip of anxiety. It's my own fault. The trouble with this Borderline stuff is that I can always be relied upon to come up with the biggest, most grandiose solution to a problem. And then I'll loathe myself for it. Putting my...
22nd November 2011
Is there anyone in the world with a healthy body image? Is there anyone that is truly and honestly fine, content and accepting of every aspect of their physical appearance? I’ve certainly never met them – and I’m talking about men...
12th January 2012
One in five people become depressed at some point in their lives, everyone gets low at times but in some cases depression can interfere with a person’s everyday life. On one website it informed me that there are two treatments available for...
20th July 2012
From the resus table to Fitness Ambassador Well it has been a very long time since I last wrote a blog. Partly due to being very busy, partly through lack of feeling very inspiring. But today I am feeling rather proud of myself and want to...
2nd September 2018
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