Real-life Addiction


Here we set out to inspire you with real life accounts from people who have struggled with and overcome many different addictions.

The term addiction can apply to a substance that creates a physical need as well as a psychological one, but it is also a term now widely accepted to describe psychological dependancy which can relate not just to substances, but lifestyles or things.  Whilst we all appreciate a person could be addicted to one of various drugs, both illegal and prescribed,  it is more widely accepted things such as gambling, sex or shopping can become problematic. The compulsive need for anything can bring unhappiness and a loss of quality to your life.

As well as the need for the 'fix' itself, many people who struggle with addiction feel alone and ashamed, this can make it even more difficult to reach out for help.  It is important to understand addiction is not simply a weakness, it is a disorder which you can overcome.

On these pages we aim to help you through the inspiration of the brave individuals who have chosen to share with us their own personal, real life stories of how they became addicted and most importantly, how they recovered. We hope reading about the experiences of others, and relating to their situations will help you draw courage from their achievements.

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