Standing up for mental illness

The Stand up Kid - standing up for mental illness

By Charlotte Fantelli

Time To Change has once again produced a thought provoking and hard-hitting campaign that highlights the reality of mental illness. I watched this film for the first time and had goose bumps at the portrayal of the young man standing in front of his peers, describing in heat-wrenching detail the realities of depression and how it feels to be isolated by his classmates.

The end of the three-minute film is touching and I would urge anyone to watch and to share. Please, help spread this great film and stand up for mental health.

Society wouldn't accept jokes about the physically ill, conditions that warrant 'sympathy', yet all too often ignorance and bullying from peers can create more suffering for those already struggling under the weight of mental illness. Campaigns like this can help understanding and help others know they are not alone.

Well-done Time To Change, another great success.

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