Here you will find little snippets of inspiration and top tips for better health and wellbeing. The catalyst for change is often not in the big things, rather in the little things; a saying, a quote, a tip. This is why we have this area of the site to share little pearls of wisdom. 

Our favourite quote here at mental healthy has to be from Vivian Greene: 'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, rather learning to dance in the rain.' This has inspired us many times when we feel face the cold harsh realities of difficult times. We like to think of ourselves as your umbrella and wellies, we cannot stop the rain, however we can help you be a little more prepared.

We love sharing our readers top tips too, so please do send us yours [email protected] so we can put together our top readers tips and pass on your inspiration to others.

Please also see our specific guides and sections in the navigation bar above for more mental health specific topics, tips and self-help strategies.

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