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Editor: Charlotte Fantelli. It was Charlotte’s own experiences and dedication to making a change that created Uncovered magazine and subsequently Mental Healthy, and it is this vision that pulls the team together. Everyone here is dedicated to giving you the best information possible to enhance your life. Chat with me on twitter @Mental_Healthy

News editor: Liz Lockhart. Liz’s experiences, both professional and personal, give her the passion and drive to bring you the best mental health news from around the world. Liz’s enthusiasm and belief in Mental Healthy help drive her in doing any job thrown at her. If there is anything you would like Liz to cover, test or review, please e-mail: [email protected] Twitter: @Whizgog

News and Features Reporter and Blogger: Ian Birch. Ian is a magazine and online journalist whose background is working for the BBC, including Radio 4, as a reporter.  He’s written for half a dozen mental health magazines and blogs on schizophrenia, mental health stigma and welfare benefits.  He has a degree in journalism and has also reported for Sky Radio News and the commercial radio network.  He’s been a radio and TV newsreader too and does talking magazines and publications.   Ian’s hobbies include local theatre, swimming, walking his adorable dog, reviewing cafes with friends, going to concerts and news and current affairs. He has had personal experience of mental illness since he was 12 and also has ME/CFS.

Kerry Hudson is a writer, blogger, columnist and journalist, she also writes for the Huffington Post, Mail On Sunday and N16 magazine. She spent a number of years as an RSW for adults with mental health and learning difficulties, as is currently studying an MSc in Psychology. As a bipolar sufferer with bouts of OCD and anxiety, Kerry is keen to document her experiences in her humorous yet eye opening blog

Contributor: Rachel O'Rourke. Rachel is a writer and student journalist, soon to be entering her final year, at City University London. Rachel, 26 and living in London, discovered her passion for mental health writing and the importance of positive personal development after experiencing a year of prolonged panic attacks and a struggle through depression four years ago. It was through this experience that she found new loves in meditation, reading motivational and spiritual texts and self-care, which has since spurred her to focus on writing within the field. Rachel works full-time for a specialist trade magazine, the Partnerships Bulletin, and is currently in the process of building her own blog. 

Eating disorder and body image writer: Nick Watts. Nick is an eating disorders and body image campaigner from Oxford. He is one of the people behind the charity Men Get Eating Disorders Too, the only charity worldwide representing men and eating disorders. He also works with young people suffering from Mental Health problems and other difficulties and also writes for several places on eating disorders, body image and mental health. Twitter: @nickinoxford

Charity web:

News and Features Journalist: Jessica Brown is a writer and blogger with a degree in journalism, hoping to further her career and combine it with her passion for mental health. She has had an anxiety disorder since the age of 17, and wouldn't change it for the world as it has led her down the path she is on today. 

News and Features Journalist: Rebecca is an English and Drama student at Queen Mary University of London. She has researched mental health issues as part of her degree and hopes to include aspects of it into her upcoming dissertation. ‘I’m thrilled to be involved with a publication that deals with such crucial, relevant and too often ignored issues affecting so many people’s lives today.’ We are delighted to welcome Rebecca on board, she will be working directly under the editor on news and features over the summer months.

Resident Psychology and Medical Experts:


Psychologist: Colin Matthews is a psychologist and coach who works with individuals and businesses in order to help them understand how they can develop and improve themselves. He helps people understand the current choices they make, identify what obstacles they put in the way of achieving more, recognise what other possibilities there might be and, going forward, align their choices with what they want to achieve in life and in business. He is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and a founder member of the Special Group in Coaching.


Men’s Health and Sex expert: Dr Rob Hicks MBBS, DRCOG, MRCGP. Dr Rob is a practising GP with a special interest in men’s health. He also works in a hospital sexual health clinic. He is regularly on TV and radio and is a prolific health writer and medical commentator. He has published three books, the most recent being Old-fashioned Remedies – from Arsenic to Gin. Learn more about Dr Rob at:


Advisor and Contributor: Marjorie Wallace CBE Hon FRC Psych Hon DSc is an award winning investigative journalist, author and broadcaster and is chief executive of SANE, the leading mental health charity. SANE works to raise public awareness, excite research, and bring more effective professional treatment  and compassionate care to everyone affected by mental illness.
Fitness and relaxation expert: David Morell has over 20 years’ experience working in fitness and health education /promotion and has personally helped thousands of individuals to improve their health condition and improve their all-round wellbeing and quality of life.
Motivational coach: Paul Tizzard. Paul, co-founder of Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear programme has a strong coaching and facilitation background. He has helped many face and overcome their deepest fears. Paul has this issue, contributed the aerophobia article on page 74. We are pleased to welcome Paul on board as a regular coach and motivator when he starts his own column next issue.

Resident Nutrition and Food Experts

Antony Worrall Thompson: Antony is one of the nation’s favourite TV chefs and restaurateurs. Writer of many bestselling cookery books, he has a special interest in eating for good health with titles including Healthy Eating for Diabetes and The Essential Diabetes Cookbook, which won the award for Best Health and Nutrition Book 2010. Every issue, Antony gives us a taste of the season and his own special recipe. Read more about Antony at: and
Resident Chef: Gabriele Fantelli Having been a professional volleyball player for many years, Gabriele has always understood the importance of eating for maximum nutrition. Growing up in Italy, surrounded by his family’s love of food, he took this passion to the next level, training and working as a professional chef, after retiring from his sport.
Nutritional Therapist: Susie White DipNT is a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist, also on the CHNC register. After working full-time in marketing/PR, Susie decided to retrain as a nutritional therapist to combine her passions: food, optimum health and wellbeing. 

Charity Partners

Mental Healthy are pleased to be associated with SANE, the national charity that works to raise public awareness, excite research, and bring more effective professional treatment and compassionate care to everyone affected by mental illness. Support and information are available throughout the day with SANE Services see for more information.

Featured Experts

Along with our main resident experts you will find articles and features from other contributors throughout our magazines and website, here are a few of the great people we have been fortunate enough to work with:
Food scientist: Kumud Gandhi is the founder of The Cooking Academy – a cookery school that puts nutrition and the medicinal value of food at the heart of everything it teaches. She is a passionate believer in using food to help prevent and solve health issues. Kumud is often called upon to provide expert comment for national print media, radio and television, and her work is widely published throughout the country. Kumud has advised and written for Uncovered in issues 1 and 2 and features on this site under Larder Louts and Food Feature sections. Learn more about Kumud at:
Dentistry: Paru Edwards (BDS, MFDS, RCS) and Richard Edwards (BDS) from The Parkstone Dental Practice discuss the importance of oral health and why a great smile can say so much.
Herbal Tea specialist: Anna Louise Simpson, founder of Mama Tea, delectable caffeine-free infusions talks all things tea
Budgeting and debt advisor: Phil Cole CAP counsellor and advisor, gives us great advice on how to save £££ thisChristmas 
Hair Specialist: Peter Hickman MBE. Peter Hickman is a world class hairdresser and salon owner, he  talks about Hair and Self-esteem
Skincare expert: Dr Mariano Spiezia MD, LFHom(Med), MedHom (LUIMO – Italy), MCPP (UK), Dip Cl Phyt (ASL11 – Italy) Dr Spiezia, Founder of the Inlight organic skincare range, tells us how to improve our skin (page 80).
Psychotherapist and Eating Disorder Specialist: Martin Gill, Psychotherapist and Clinical Lead at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust Eating Disorder Service. Martin writes about eating disorders.
Eating Distress Coach: Ronnie Murray, NcfeD Dip Eating Distress Coach. Ronnie talks about less publicised eating disorders (page 48)
Abortion Counsellor: Julia Acott from CareConfidential Julia writes about abortion and post-abortion stress in issue 3 of Uncovered magazine which will be published online later this month.


Mental Healthy and Uncovered magazine have been published by Fantelli Imprint Ltd. Fantelli Imprint is owned by Charlotte Fantelli and Simon Dolan. Fantelli Imprint is a pioneering publishing house that hopes to add more titles to its list over the coming years, all that will fit in with the companies ethos 'To change lives - one publication at a time'. We are always happy to discuss brand associations, partnerships and other opportunities with corporate partners, please email [email protected] to be directed to the right person.

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