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The Michael Ball Show

Michael Ball welcomed Charlotte Fantelli as a guest on his afternoon talk show on 22nd September 2010. Charlotte discussed her own battles with agoraphobia and panic attacks. Michael Ball admitted his own personal battle with panic attacks and Dr Rob Hicks gave a medical perspective. Uncovered magazine was discussed and cover shot shown ready for the launch two weeks later.



ITV Meridian News

October 10th 2010 Kerry Swain interviews Charlotte Fantelli about Uncovered magazine, it's importance and why it marks a change in the way mental health is viewed in the media. Marjorie Wallace from Sane also speaks about why Uncovered magazine is so needed.




Channel 5 News

12th October 2010, Catherine Jones talks with Charlotte Fantelli and soap star and model Davinia Taylor about the importance of breaking mental health stigma and why Uncovered magazine is such a breakthrough.







On January 20th 2011 Charlotte Fantelli gave an interview to Kate Garraway and John Stapleton about overcoming mental health issues and becoming an Entrepreneur.





Hannah Murra

Show - Talk Radio Europe

October 6th 2010, on the run up to World Mental Health Awareness Day and the day before Uncovered's official launch, Charlotte Fantelli Talks to Hannah Murray about Uncovered and what it means for mental health and wellbeing.




BBC Radio Solent 

October 10th 2010, interviewed by Julian Clegg, Charlotte Fantelli gives interview about mental health issues and the importance of Uncovered magazine.





BBC Radio 5 Live with Gabby Logan

October 8th 2010, Charlotte discusses her personal battle with agoraphobia and panic attacks.




Metro Radio

Feb 2011, Charlotte discusses the mood of the nation following Uncovered's national mental health survey.



BBC Radio Solent 

April 2011, interviewed by Julian Clegg, Charlotte Fantelli gives interview about Borderline Personality Disorder and the case of Louise Wright see here.






Daily Echo

18th October, Charlotte Talks about the Launch of Uncovered and her involvement with Simon Dolan.







Woman's Fitness

28th October, Charlotte reveals how living a healthy life makes a real difference to mental health issues and how exercise and good diet played a big part in her recovery and that Uncovered now helps others do just that.























Mail on Sunday

7th November, The Mail on Sunday run the news story of Uncovered's launch and what it means for mental health. 







Marie Claire

2nd December 2010, Charlotte Talks about how 'Twitter Dragon' Simon Dolan helped change her life by investing in Fantelli Imprint enabling the publishing house to launch Uncovered magazine.














Feb issue (Out 3rd Jan 2011), Prima ran a three page spread on the story of Charlotte Fantelli and how she came to launch Uncovered magazine. The piece focuses on her own battle with mental health issues., how her mother suffered and how the experience as a sufferer and a family member of someone with these issues meant she understood the need for a publication that gives access to vital information and expert advice.












































Liverpool Echo 

Our feature on Davinia Taylor was picked up by Liverpool Echo Dec 2010










Pick Me Up

Charlotte Fantelli tells the story of how she overcame agoraphobia, found love and started Uncovered magazine.





















Charlotte was delighted to be asked to be interviewed for the Speak Out Against Stigma newspaper created by The Wellbeing project.



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