A new kind of healthcare

as.one gives swift peace of mind with a new kind of healthcare

The only choice if the worst happens and you fall sick is currently between the NHS, costly Private Medical Insurance (PMI) or old-fashioned cash plans. This is where as.one comes in as a pioneering new healthcare provider. 

What is as.one?

as.one is neither an insurance firm, nor a cash plan. It is a unique membership community accessed on a subscription basis available to everybody no matter of age, medical history, or health, giving member patients swift, easy and direct access to the cream of the medical profession - the consultants.

These experts come from a trusted and peer-recommended pool of more than 1,200 specialists called Alliance Surgical. This means you get the best and right private consultants when you want them, without even having to see your GP.

How much does it cost?

Membership costs only £25 a month. This is 5% less if you pay yearly (£285).

What are the advantages?

as.one membership is open to anyone, regardless of age, health or medical history. The moment you get a health worry, you go straight to the best consultant for your condition and get the correct treatment first time.

An expert is your first contact, not the last. If you need treatment, you’ll get it sooner. If you don’t need treatment, we’ll tell you.

If you don't have to see a specialist in your membership year then you have “health credits” added to your membership account which can be used in the future. 

Why is as.one needed and what sets it apart from existing schemes?

as.one members are patients primarily, not policyholders. Medical insurance just pays out for what you’re covered for on your policy.

Research shows that the UK public is worried and frustrated about red tape, waiting and referral times and wrong consultant referrals, and the current situation is likely to get worse.

All of this could be swept away, say the founders of the new as.one service.

Join today:

An as.one spokesman said: “Our service is for anybody who wants to get rapid access to a specialist. The most important person is the person who is ill. It's not the doctor, or anyone else in the system.”

as.one specialist Bruce Braithwaite, a consultant vascular surgeon, said: “If you’re ill, you want to be seen by the right person as soon as possible. Everything in the current system seems to prevent you doing that.”

Visit www.betterasone.co.uk for more information or to sign up as a member.

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