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While it is helpful to read expert articles and opinions, it can also be a great comfort to us in times of distress to read the stories of others. This area of the site has an array of real life stories of trials and triumphs that we hope will inspire you.

There is nothing quite like experience to bring us wisdom and it is within the stories of others that we can really relate to the human emotion behind events.

Mental illness can create feelings of isolation and can make you feel like you are the only one in the world to feel this way, it can be hard believing there may be life after mental illness, but the people we talk to here are living proof that mental illness does not discriminate; black, white, old, young, rich or poor, mental illness is not a weakness or something only suffered by 'others' it can affect us all.

If you would like to read more real life stories, please explore the categories in the main navigation and within many of the subjects you will find topical real life accounts. We also suggest you read our mental health blogs to keep in touch with others experiencing mental illness and interact.

These are real people and the experiences are their own, please note everyone's experiences are different.

If you have a story of triumph over adversity, if you have a tip or life lesson to share, if you have anything you feel may be of benefit to our readers, please do send an email to customerservices@mentalhealthy with the word 'letters' in the title.

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