Charlotte Fantelli

Charlotte Fantelli

In 2010 Charlotte Fantelli had a dream - to publish material that would inform, inspire and change lives. Having come through much adversity and having a passion for writing, Charlotte knew first hand the lack of direct information available on mental and emotional health topics.

Charlotte set up Fantelli Imprint in March 2010 and the first task she undertook was to see on the newsstand a health magazine that did not focus on abs and bums, but one that focused on mental and emotional wellbeing. The idea for Uncovered Magazine was born.

In August 2010 Charlotte pitched to 'Twitter Dragon' Simon Dolan for initial investment of £100,000 to launch the magazine. Simon decided to invest and Uncovered hit the shelves of 10,600 stores nationwide in October that year.

Uncovered was a magazine that uncovered the real issues, that dug deeper and explored further, the topics concerning people today. With news, features, celebrity, recipes, sex-talk and real-life stories, Uncovered mirrored in many ways any glossy mag, but the information it contained would help transform lives.

Changing lives one publication at a time

Uncovered was well received by public and press alike with The Mail calling it 'The Mental Health Glossy' and Davinia Taylor saying 'If I had a magazine like this when I needed it, instead of one telling me how to loose weight, I maybe wouldn't have ended up in rehab'.

Charlotte Fantelli

Just a few of the readers comments include: 'I was bulimic for 26 years and had no idea I had a mental health problem until I read Uncovered's feature on eating disorders. I have followed your advice, got help, and am now 7 weeks 'recovered'. Thank you Uncovered.'

'I was agoraphobic and thought I was the only one, when I saw Charlotte Fantelli on TV talking about Uncovered, for the first time I felt I wasn't alone. Since then I have started therapy and am looking to start a part-time job. I never dreamed this was possible'.

Mental Healthy

By mid 2011 it was clear that the popularity of Uncovered's online and digital issues were far exceeding that of the printed publication. This was partly due to the stigma that sadly still surrounded the topic and also due (despite the global distribution) to the poor availability outside of the UK (the website visitors came from every corner of the globe). It soon came to light that Uncovered would be able to reach far more people by focussing on the online side of publishing and this would, in turn, help funding (as it was a sad fact many of the big advertisers still were not happy to promote themselves in a 'mental health' publication). It was also clear that mental health information rarely went out-of-date, and unlike 'fashion' publications, would not expire with the next trend. To make each feature available for longer was more helpful to the reader long-term.

Making the change from print to digital, Charlotte got stuck in, making and it's social network as strong and powerful as possible, giving expert information away for free, no sign-up, just the best information possible, accessible by all 24/7, worldwide.

This worked so well that in just 18 months Mental Healthy have published over 2000 articles, blogs and features and have a bigger social following than Mind, Time to change and even NetDoctor*.

Mental Health Awards

In October 2011 Charlotte launched the 'Mental Health Awards' in partnership with SANE, The Mental Health Foundation, Emergence, and The Centre for Mental Health. The awards recognised the incredible work of advocates, researches, professionals, creatives, businesses and individuals, in the area of mental health.


Charlotte has established herself as an ambassador for mental health both in her business life and in her personal life. Charlotte has spoken about her experience and as an expert in the area on all major television channels, radio and the press.

Having first hand experience, Charlotte courageously took part in a Channel 4 show 'Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions' which saw Charlotte open up about the resons behind her journey to becoming a mental health publisher.

Charlotte is planning many more television projects which will propel her and her advocacy onto a large stage.


Charlotte writes as a journalist, blogger and editor on MentalHealthy, she has been published widely on other blogs, newspapers and websites, including Huffington Post and The Sun. 

Charlotte has written a series of critically acclaimed books on Anxiety.

Charlotte wrote a series of children's books in 2006 that have been used by the NSPCC, they tackle issues faced by children, from bullying to abuse, and help a child recognise 'uncomfortable' feelings and identifies appropriate adults who can help.

Charlotte Blogs and writes regularly for Huffington Post, Circle of Moms, Self-growth and

Business interests

Outside the mental health world Charlotte has business interests in media and technology, but remains dedicated full-time to MentalHealthy.

* Mental_Healthy (39,550), NetDoctor (5246), Mind (29,627), and Time to Change (20,354). All figures acurate as of publication date August 2012


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