“Did you know if you do not disclose a mental or physical health condition on your policy, your insurance may be ‘null and void’ if you ever made a claim?”

Whether it be life insurance, home insurance, travel insurance or even motor insurance, failure to disclose a material fact can invalidate your policy. Medical history is a material fact that needs to be declared when purchasing any insurance policy. This includes conditions that you had, but may not have anymore. 

Mainstream policies can hike up prices if you have a medical history, be it of mental or physical illness, but we have teamed up with the BEST insurance services that we have found in each of these areas to bring our readers the very best policies for those with a medical history.

Life insurance

Life insurance can be hard to obtain if you have experienced physical or mental illness. Some insurers simply will not insure you, meaning the added complications of not being able to obtain a mortgage or other financial products.

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Motor insurance

You may be surprised to know that even motor insurance policies can be invalidated by failure to disclose any mental or physical health condition you have had, even if you are no longer symptomatic. Insurers can use this information to create higher priced policies. Our insurance partner's policies are specially designed NOT to discriminate. See what we can do for you and remember to disclose medical issues for an accurate and fully covered policy:

Travel insurance

Whilst you may expect travel insurance to look at any pre-existing medical conditions, you may not know that mental health can really affect policies, with some insurers creating higher premiums, whilst others will simply not give insurance to those who have experienced mental ill health.

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Home insurance

Our home insurance policies are specifically designed for those with a medical history and therefore take into account each individual circumstance. We will not discriminate on the basis of diagnosis, we will listen to your individual condition and your needs, to try to get you the very best policy and value: