Uncovered magazine founders launch MentalHealthy


Uncovered magazine founders launch MentalHealthy 

MentalHealthy (Press release)

The founders of mental health magazine Uncovered, have today launched an incredible new resource for mental wellbeing. Publishers Fantelli Imprint say that their goal is to make information on mental health free and accessible to all.

The website encompasses expert articles on a range of mental illnesses from depression and anxiety, to personality disorders and self harm, with current news, views, real life stories and community. 

MentalHealthy has achieved a fresh, easy to navigate site that is akin to any other health and fitness lifestyle site. Charlotte Fantelli site founder says 'Mental wellbeing is something we should all make a priority, it is not something to be shied away from or that belongs only in an academic arena. We have built a site that reflects the needs of the public.'

She continues 'we want to give users up to the minute information in a way that relates to them. We have practical tips, info and advice that empower our audience, equip them with knowledge and point them at sources of further help and information.'

Uncovered magazine sees it's last issue in stores now. 'Issue four was never intended to be our last, however the ever shrinking newsstand, cost of publishing and lack of funds in the mental health arena, have meant we just had to find another way of helping our readers.' Mrs Fantelli says.

'This way they get the benefit of our expert content completely free and the best bit is it doesn't get taken off the shelf when the month is over'.

For further information please go to www.mentalhealthy.co.uk 

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