Uncovered Report - Revealing the Mind of the Nation

A national survey

We are delighted to bring you the results of Uncovered’s first national survey. Uncovered enlisted the services of GfK NOP, the leading market research agency, to investigate the state of the nation’s mental wellbeing.


Survey focus

We focused on six key areas to bring you a comprehensive report. These areas are: how mentally healthy the population considers itself to be; how likely people are to seek professional help if faced with a mental health issue; how many people use alcohol to cope with low mood, depression and stress; how happy the country is by region; how worried we are about money; and how the use of the internet influences our search for help when faced with a mental health issue.

We have broken these results down by region as well as social class and sex.

Our findings

We were sad to see that although men’s mental health score was on a par with women’s, they are still less likely to seek professional help. Money worries are a particular concern for most, and the results for the use of alcohol for stress, low mood and depression were quite shocking, especially within the London region and the older generation.

We hope you find the results of this survey both insightful and revealing.

GfK NOP interviewed 968 adults aged 18+ across the UK by telephone on 17th-19th December 2010. Weighting has been applied to the data to bring it into line with national profiles. Please note that Northern Ireland, Wales and North East have bases of fewer than 50 people and so any observed percentage of these samples does not fall within statistically acceptable levels.


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