Mental Health of the Nation

We asked the nation: On a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 means not at all healthy and 5 means very healthy, how mentally healthy would you say you are?

This diagram references the points below:

1. Only 46% of the population would say they are very mentally healthy.

2. On average, 3% of the population scored themselves just 1, rating themselves a very mentally unhealthy. 3. London has the highest rate of people who class themselves as very mentally unhealthy with 8% of the population scoring just 1.

4. In contrast, Scotland only had 1% of the population give a 1 rating.

5. Northern Ireland and West Midlands fared badly with just 36% and 37% consecutively rating themselves as a 5 (very mentally healthy). This compares to 51% in the North East.

6. London scored worst overall with a mean mental health score of 4.0, the national mean was 4.2.

7. The North West has the best overall mental health rating with a mean average of 4.4.

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