Sleep - 10 top tips to help with a good night's sleep

10 top tips for a great night's sleep










1) No caffeine after 6pm

Although caffeine can stay in your body for hours so we would recommend no coffee, tea, chocolate or energy drinks after 4 pm.  if possible, certainly not after 6pm.  We recommend herbal tea such as chamomile as an alternative evening drink, Horlicks is also a great pre-bed treat.

2) No food after 8pm

A late night meal prompts you to stay up to digest it as your digestive system shuts down when you sleep.  Debate rages as to whether or not this causes weight gain, what is for sure is indigestion and heartburn can cause difficulty sleeping, so avoid the temptation to eat too late (easier said than done when you want to have a meal once the children are asleep!) 

3) No exercise after 6pm if possible  

Exercise stimulates you and leaves you exhilarated.  It is also more likely that you will want a meal after exercise.  There are of course unwinding exercises that can be done, simple stretches and relaxation exercises, however we urge you to avoid any aerobic or stimulating exercise after 6 p.m.

4) Try to keep to a good bedtime routine 

It is easy to think that you will sleep better if you stay up later.  This has been proved not to be the case.  Get your body clock used to a regular bedtime and try to stick to it.  The more natural a routine you can adopt (rising as close to sun rise as possible and sleeping 7.5 - 9hours before this) the better.  Research shows that people who have this sort of sleeping pattern tend to be more physically and mentally healthy than those who stay up later and sleep into the day.

5) Take a nice warm bath before getting into bed

This relaxes you and gets you ready for sleep.  The warm water can help soothe joints and the time alone can be a great de-stress before bed.  Try adding a little extra pamper to your bath with our Relaxation - Bath time feature.

6) Declutter your bedroom

Sleeping in a calm clean room is good for your mind.  Make your bedroom a haven, a place of peace and pleasure.  See what a difference this can make in our declutter your home feature.

7) Don’t go to bed on an argument

Try to sort out differences before you try to sleep.  Arguments get your mind working overtime and make sleep much more difficult.  If you can not settle or come to a conclusion before it is time to sleep try and write down your feelings, this helps to rationalise and get out any negativity which could help your stop mind over-analysing your emotions.

8) Try essential oils  

Lavender and Chamomile Roman are well proved to help with relaxation.  You can use these in oil burners or you can dab a little on your pulse points – the back of the wrist, nape of the neck or temples.

9) Massage

Use essential oils for a massage.  Get a loved one to massage your back or feet – even if they are inexperienced at massage the loving action and contact of massage is pleasing and relaxing. 

10) Try a little light reading or puzzles before you turn the light out

This is a good way to separate yourself from the worries of the day before you attempt sleep.  This can help order your thoughts if you are anxious about something and give you much needed time to unwind.

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