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Benefits of decluttering your home

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Little things can help so much to improve our stress levels.  Keeping your home in a way that you enjoy it is one way of lowering your stress.  We all know how having a huge pile of ironing or washing-up or a messy lounge can make us feel incapable of relaxing properly.  When we suffer from stress these general household chores tend to go by the board and mound up.  Once we have a massive back-log of cleaning up the task looks so enormous that we don’t have the strength or inclination to tackle it.  Yet if we had a magic wand to sweep it all away we could sit in our tidy, clean place of refuge and relax and enjoy.

Making a start

Here are some tips on how to make a start.

  1. Take a little bite at it.  Just put all the plates and pots in a tidy pile.  You would be amazed how much smaller the task looks when it’s piled up tidily.
  2. Just do one manageable chore.  Perhaps there is a pile of papers on a dresser or side board.  Just tackle that one pile and make that area clear.
  3. Instead of tackling all the ironing just sort out the ironing pile.  Fold those crumpled up garments and put in a neat pile – it will look much smaller and more manageable
  4. Make one small area clear.  Perhaps the CD’s are all out of their cases or your books are all over the place.  Just put a few back in place and feel a sense of achievement.
  5. Vacuum just one room.  Chose the room which you would most benefit from and start there.  Perhaps it’s your bedroom or lounge.  Make the floor space clear and vacuum just that one room. 
  6. Make your children more responsible for their mess.  Even quite young children are quite capable of putting their toys away and teenagers are more than able to tidy their rooms and give a helping hand around the home.  Don’t feel guilty when you delegate jobs to family members.
  7. Light a scented candle so that your home smells wonderful.  Having nice fragrances around you helps to create peaceful surroundings
  8. Treat yourself to one small household object.  Perhaps a plant or cushion.  Something as small as this can lift a tired room. 

Relaxing atmosphere

You would be amazed how much better you feel once you have tackled just one small corner of your home.  Give yourself a time limit and just use that one small time span to make a small improvement in your environment.  Feel proud that you have made a start and enjoy looking at what you have achieved.  Once you make a start you’d be amazed at how that spurs you on to do one bit more.  The weight is really lifted when you can just sit in your sanctuary knowing that there no lurking job nagging at you. 

If, like many people, housework is not your favourite pastime then once you have tackled things try not to let them mound up again.  I hate housework so I don’t really make any.  I tidy as I go and then there is never the need to spend hours doing what I consider boring chores. 

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