Relaxation - Stress busting relaxation tips

Stress busting relaxation tips


Massage is a great stress buster.  If you don’t fancy going to a professional masseuse it’s easy to do at home as long as you’ve got a partner or friend to oblige.  It also works wonders for relationships.  Oils are now readily available on the high street.  One tip I would give is to use a base oil and mix it with an essential oil of your choice.  Lavender and chamomile are really good for stress busting.  The massage technique does not have to be perfect just the feeling of being stroked and touched by a loved one works wonders.

Essential oils

The aroma of essential oils can be really relaxing.  Again I recommend lavender or chamomile as a choice of fragrance.  These oils can be burned in oil burners or you can put a few drops onto potpourri.  I like to dab a drop onto my light bulbs and then when the bulb warms up you get a gently waft in the room.


Never under-estimate the importance of a little pampering.  Be it a luxury bath with bubbles up to your chin or just indulge yourself by buying one luxury item.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, maybe a food item that you wouldn’t normally buy or a nail enamel or new pair of knicks.  Make yourself feel special just because you are.


Music can be a great help when you’re stressed out.  If you’ve got head-phones all the better if there are others in the house.  Choose some of your favourite music, preferably something mellow and just lose yourself in it.

Early night

Sufferers from stress burn up so much nervous energy that they get very tired.  Treat yourself to an early night.  Take a nice relaxing bath, put on your favourite PJs and snuggle down for a nice early night.  If I can’t get to sleep I visualise myself in my favourite place which happens to be outdoors.  I visualise a nice warm spring day and I can feel a soft breeze on my skin.  If I try I can hear the breeze through the trees and the birds singing.  This relaxes me and disassociate me from my stresses.


Doing puzzles is a great way to take your mind away from stress.  We all have our favourite puzzles and they are available on line if you don’t have a newspaper or magazine.  I like to buy an occasional puzzle book which is then always there when I feel like doing one.  Just concentrate on the questions and solutions to take your mind away from your stress.

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Relaxation - Stress busting relaxation tips 

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