Finding confidence by looking good

Finding confidence by looking good

By Liz Lockhart

When writing for Uncovered Magazine (the predecessor of Mental Healthy) we talked about the importance of ‘looking good’ and what it can do for our confidence. 

I work from home and the temptation to fall out of bed in my PJs and sit at my word processor is definitely one that I have had to fight. 

Sometimes I do slob around when I work but I have learned that when I make the effort to dress professionally and put a bit of make-up on it reflects on my mood, my professionalism in my work and my confidence in general.

When I was in my darkest times with my battle with phobic anxiety and agoraphobia I know that I very rarely bothered to make ‘the effort’.  ‘I look awful anyway – I never see anyone so why bother? – I just can’t be bothered’ and a dozen other reasons were in my head not to dress up or put my make-up on.  These thoughts run through our heads when we feel depressed too.

If only I had realised sooner that when I bothered to do these things it actually made me feel better about myself and helped me to feel mentally fitter. 

When you look in the mirror and see a grey, drawn face staring back at you it can almost be a shock.  ‘Oh, I don’t look well, therefore, I am not well’.  The application of just a hint of colour into your ‘grey’ complexion can have quite the opposite psychological effect.  ‘Gosh I look OK.  I’ve got a healthy glow.  I could be getting better.  I am getting better.’

And then comes the odd comment from others like ‘gosh, you look so much better than when I saw you last’ or ‘Wow, you look good’.  This sort of comment endorses your confidence and again makes you feel ‘better’.

The effect of caring for ourselves can be quite significant.  We are worth it, we owe it to ourselves to make the best of what we have.  Paint our nails, put a hint of blusher on our cheeks, colour our hair – whatever works for you – just be kind to yourself and realise that you are important.

I have just been sent a press release from a makeup studio which I have printed below.  The services they offer sound great and some of the quotes from the owners are very thought provoking.  See what you think:-

Building Confidence with Good Foundations

The county’s first dedicated makeup studio offers great ‘therapy’ for men and women

The first ever dedicated makeup studio has recently opened in Horsham, West Sussex, and is already transforming the lives of its male and female clients.   

The Makeup Box Studio, which incorporates a ‘Makeup Salon’ and professional ‘Airbrush Makeup School,’ was set up by makeup artists and entrepreneurs, Karen Loraine and Paula Rixon, who have over 35 years’ experience in the makeup industry between them.  Their experience spans working with celebrities, on TV and film sets, and in remedial and special occasion makeup.

In March they opened the newly furbished Makeup Box Studio in Foundry Court, Horsham, which offers a full range of services including one-to-one consultations in makeup application, special occasion and bridal makeup, and camouflage makeup to cover scars and tattoos.  

The ‘Airbrush Makeup School’ runs regular airbrush makeup training days and a refresher makeup class for makeup artists, beauty therapists and hair stylists.

“Makeup can be an incredible tool for transforming people’s self-esteem” explains Paula.  “When you feel good about yourself it affects everything from how successful you are at work to how healthy your relationship is so it’s worth investing the time learning how to apply your makeup skilfully.  The main reason we started The Makeup Box Studio was to help people feel a bit better every day simply by knowing what colours and looks suit them.  We have even been described as the ‘Gok Wans of makeup!’”

 “My background involved working with a lot of celebrities and I want to show the public how they can use the tricks of the trade to enhance their look” explains Karen.  “I also specialise in remedial makeup for victims of car accidents and burns.  Recently I had a lady who had sustained bad facial burns which caused her confidence to hit rock bottom.  When I had finished her makeup she looked in the mirror and cried, saying it was the first time for years she’d looked at her reflection and liked what she saw.  As a makeup artist, nothing makes me happier than knowing my skills can have such a positive effect on someone’s life.

You can check out The Makeup Box Studio by visiting

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