BulliesOut provides much needed support for victims of bullying

BulliesOut provides support for victims of bullying

By Liz Lockhart

BulliesOut provides much needed help, support and information to individuals, schools and youth and community settings affected by bullying. The charity was established in May 2006 and the determination and tireless work of its team ensures that thousands of young people are helped and supported through this cruel act each year.

Bullying and bullying behaviours are recognised as one of the more contributing factors in cases of non or diminished attendance at school. The stresses placed on the targets of bullying have far reaching effects on the emotional health and wellbeing, educational successes and subsequent life chances.

Bullying is clouded by a fog of silence

Founder of BulliesOut, Linda James, told Mental Healthy ‘Bullying not only affects a person physically, but also affects their emotional, social and academic well-being. When a person is being bullied, they can become very anxious and/or depressed, lack confidence and self esteem. The effects can be long-term with many sufferers developing an eating disorder, self harming and even suicide'. (Linda is pictured in the centre of our photograph when she appeared recently on ITV).

Linda added  ‘I established BulliesOut in May 2006 after my youngest son was badly bullied at school. I wanted to create a safe space online where young people could speak to a mentor about their concerns and receive much needed help and support. I also wanted to provide help and support for parents of children affected by bullying. I was bullied myself at school and developed an eating disorder at 14 which continued for nearly 20 years.

‘The charity has gone from strength to strength and we now deliver workshops and peer mentor training and have a range of information publications’ Linda added.

'Data from The Office of National Statistics show that 44% of suicides committed by young people in the UK are connected to bullying. Bullying is not part of growing up and is not 'kids being kids'. It is a cruel act that negatively affects lives,’ Linda concluded.

The aims of BulliesOut

A series of core programmes have been designed in direct response to the needs expressed by schools, stakeholders, children, young people, parents and carers. Feedback relating to each of these has been extremely positive.

Full details of everything which BulliesOut offers can be found at www.bulliesout.com   A description of each programme can be found in the 'How We Can Help' section, but ultimately BulliesOut is working towards creating environments where children and young people feel empowered to speak out about bullying, thus creating a 'culture of telling'.

How BulliesOut Can Help

The Government has made dealing with bullying in schools a key priority and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has made it clear that no form of bullying should be tolerated. Bullying in our schools should be taken very seriously; it is not a normal part of growing up and it can ruin lives.

Bullying has no genre and IS NOT part of growing up. One incident of bullying behaviour is serious enough but when it is persistent over a period of time it becomes a devastating problem. The detrimental impact bullying can have on the physical, emotional, academic, social and personal wellbeing of children and young people cannot be underestimated. At best, bullying causes great distress which can continue right through adulthood. At worst, bullying can lead to self-harm and suicide.

BulliesOut is a charity which relies on donations.  For further information on their work or to donate please visit http://www.bulliesout.com/


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