Self-harm self-injury facts

Quick facts about self-harm

• Self-harm is the deliberate act of inflicting pain and/or physical harm on yourself, and can take a variety of forms
• Self-harming behaviour can affect any sector of society, but it is more common in adolescents, women, prisoners, drug abusers and minority groups as well as in those where mental health problems are present
• A 2002 survey by Keith Hawton, Professor of psychiatry and published in the British Medical Journal found that 6.9% of 15- to 16-year olds reported having self-harmed. Mind, the mental health charity, puts this number at 10%
• Girls are more likely than boys to self-harm (11.2% v 3.2% according to the same survey) 
• Top reasons given for self-harming behavior are low self-esteem, traumatic life events, mental health problems and peers who self-harm.
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