Looking Good Feeling Great - Hair Care

Looking Good, Feeling Great – Hair care

with Peter Hickman MBE

Having a bad hair day? Hair can say a lot about our emotions and can play a big part in our self esteem. Here highly respected hairdresser and multiple salon owner Peter Hickman MBE, explores exactly why hair is so im-portant in ‘Looking good and feeling great!’.

We all, wittingly or unwittingly present an image to the rest of society, an outer reflection of our inner self. There are many ways we achieve this; with clothes and adornments, speech, mannerisms, plus more subtle areas such as attitude. How we present ourselves outside usually mirrors what is going on inside, and in turn effects how others see us, and how we see ourselves.

From ancient times hair has played its part as a symbol in this. From head shav- ing to using hair as a complete cover up, the way we style our hair plays a huge part in the presentation of our ‘persona’. In modern times with the availability of at home styling tools, dyes and products, we are able to be even more elaborate than ever.

Hair Care

Hair care is important, it needs fairly constant attention. Unlike clothing which can change our image in minutes, hair that is in poor condition is very hard to style well.

Hair will reflect your health, physical and mental. Dull, unkempt hair can be the result of anaemia or other medical conditions. Stress, panic and depression can sap your body of vital nutrients, resulting in unhealthy hair.

A visit to the hairdresser can be a great morale boost. If it can be free of stress with a relaxed atmosphere, you can get more out of the experience than just a new do.

Going to the hairdresser is the ultimate treat for your hair and for yourself, but there are so many great products on the market, meaning a small amount of care will have a good effect at home. Simply wash with gentle cleansers, massage your scalp applying a little pressure through your finger tips, this will give a blood supply boost to your head and a soothing feeling for your mind.

When feeling down simply be inspired by Mitzi Gaynor, who during the stage show ‘South Pacific’, washed her hair on stage whilst singing ‘I’m going to wash that man right out of my hair’. A little cleansing and a little more pampering can work wonders for changing not just your look, but your entire attitude.

Note from the editor:

My hair has always been a reflection of my mood, and my hair styles have varied wildly!’

Curly, straight, long and short, and as for colour! there’s hardly a shade in the book I haven’t tried. Since my teens when I drove my mother

wild with my ‘self expression!’ I have been experimenting with styles. From the nice natural brunette locks that God gave me (or was it L’Oreal? I can’t be too sure as I haven’t seen my natural colour since primary school!), to the more outrageous styles of shaven undercuts, neon orange spray dye, reds, blacks and even multi coloured braids all over! I, like many, have used hair as a way to show the world who I was (that particular day).

Sometimes my hair would almost hide me from the world, other times it would enhance a statement I was try- ing to make. As a teenager this was usually ‘back off!’ later it became a symbol of my emerging sexuality, and more recently as I have become a

wife and mum, it’s a symbol of having more to think about than my latest do!

Nowadays just having the time to bath and wash my hair without a toddler wanting to jump in too, is a luxury. But taking half an hour out for ’me time’,

is essential and I have really learned the confidence boosting power of a good pamper. Even if you feel like a frumpy mummy who has been up half the night, knowing that you look your best really goes a long way in changing your outlook.

We just have to look at celebrity reinventions to see what a new style can do for a whole new persona. However before you do a Britney (page 27), remember a drastic change should be a considered one!

So to sum up: If you feel you need a mood enhancer, a confidence boost, or you want to mark a change/new start, I sincerely recommend a trip to the salon: or at the very least a nice new shampoo.

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