My daughter saved me from my eating disorder and depression says spice girl Mel C
Lovato admits to self-harming, bulimia and opens up about her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.
Selective eating is a new 'mental disorder' up for consideration in DSM-V
GPs urged to look out for symptoms of eating disorders in men.
Katie Price and Chantelle Houghton make headlines over eating disorder
Wiltshire GPs are offered a new service to help with diagnosing eating disorders
Ad banned after MP Jo Swinson complained to watchdog
Belgian research suggests link between cosmetic surgery, mental health disorders and body dysmorphic disorder
A worring number of young people receiving treatment for eating disorders
Work has started on a new 15-bed unit for eating disorders in Warwick
Striking a balance In the news this week it was reported that we look after our homes a great deal more than we look after our bodies. I agree, and I would add that we tend to pay more attention to our bodies than we do to our minds. Back in...
22nd July 2011
Can having an obese child be termed child-abuse? I have just finished writing a report about a family which is having four children removed into care as a result of the parents failing to help them to lose weight.  The link to this report...
5th September 2011
  My eating disorder sort of crept up on me, and if I have to be honest, I didn’t realise I had one until it had really taken hold. In 2003  I was living a “normal” life, job, mortgage and recently married.  I...
15th September 2011
I am in the grip of anxiety. It's my own fault. The trouble with this Borderline stuff is that I can always be relied upon to come up with the biggest, most grandiose solution to a problem. And then I'll loathe myself for it. Putting my...
22nd November 2011
Is there anyone in the world with a healthy body image? Is there anyone that is truly and honestly fine, content and accepting of every aspect of their physical appearance? I’ve certainly never met them – and I’m talking about men...
12th January 2012
If you long to find a way to lift your spirits, to get in touch with your inner sanctuary and find your real destiny, then read on. Take a morning or evening, or a day at the weekend to try these ways of making your inner star sparkle. You will be...
16th August 2012
It's World Mental health Day, and today I want to say a BIG THANK YOU! To my fish I forgot to feed, to my neighbour I ignored, to my teacher I flipped the finger, to my mum who bound my scars... Thank you. To the man in the petrol station I...
10th October 2012
I advocate replacing birthdays with wisedays. Why the devil not? They do in some cultures, so why not here? I’m grumpy about the way getting older is frowned upon; making wrinkles even more firmly entrenched, by the brainwashing media....
5th March 2013
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