How to raise your soul into the sky and let it soar!

by Silky Red

If you long to find a way to lift your spirits, to get in touch with your inner sanctuary and find your real destiny, then read on.

Take a morning or evening, or a day at the weekend to try these ways of making your inner star sparkle. You will be shimmering forever...

Find a beautiful pebble or buy one that you like and adopt it as a talisman. It can be used as the heart of your cherished dreams and intentions. Perhaps you would like to be calmer when certain situations arise. Simply hold your pebble in your hand and swear your own promise. If you keep your pebble with you all the time, it will serve as a reassuring reminder of your goal.

Keep a small diary of jokes, funny anecdotes and encounters and memories of fun. Whenever you feel a bit low you can glance through the pages and have a chuckle. Write at least a sentence that causes you to smile every day. Your friends and family will love to read it too.

Wake up in the morning determined to see everything in a positive light. Even if bills come in or a friend seems unkind, challenge your belief structure and think only happy and bright thoughts. Make a note how you feel at the end of the day and if you feel blissfully contentment, do it again tomorrow!

Find your very own inspirational song. Seek it out and once you’ve discovered it, associate it with a positive and happy mood, or a calm, serene disposition or a laughing, cheerful frame of mind.

We all have difficult moments in our past. Think of three and recall what happened to bring you through; all the positive memories that accompanied the hard times. Teach others what guided you. Did the experience make you more empathic with others? What can your friends learn from you?

If everything feels like it’s getting too much, find your inner peaceful haven. Just close your eyes and focus on a gentle white light within. Allow tranquillity to fill your soul.

If you have a dream or ambition you would like to fulfil but have been putting it off, make today the day you consciously decide to start it; it could be spending more time with your family, booking that holiday to swim with dolphins or inventing the love it today!

If you desire an untroubled, peaceful night’s sleep     to awake refreshed, then before you drift off, imagine or meditate on an image you find peaceful such as a beautiful landscape, a loyal companion or a cherished pet and then as you focus on this picture it will enter your unconsciousness and apply kindly influence throughout the night. Your mind will be full of positivity when you wake.

Share a day with your family, listen to their words, shoulder their problems and enjoy your time together. What can you teach them from this article? What can they teach you? Embrace them and your life; it’s time to sprinkle your future with positivity and walk into the light.



Such a positive message. Also a reminder of how at times we can become so wrapped up in the mundane day to day, that we forget to stop and look at just what an amazing universe we live in! Nomadic Thinker

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