Wrinkles, worrying and whining...but wiser every day!

by Silky Red

I advocate replacing birthdays with wisedays. Why the devil not? They do in some cultures, so why not here?

I’m grumpy about the way getting older is frowned upon; making wrinkles even more firmly entrenched, by the brainwashing media. Harrumph!

Have you watched the adverts lately? Always youngsters having the time of their lives in their new cars, with their whiter than white washing and their recently coloured hair and glamorous makeup.

All because they’re worth it...

Even bloomin incontinence pads are beginning to be advertised using suspiciously young actors. I don’t know whether to feel insulted or relieved!

I was searching for a magazine the other day and came across a celebrity who is my age looking half my age. Now, how is that so? Is this simply an advertisement for cosmetic surgery? Is it airbrushing gone mad? Or does she really look that young and I just appear like an old harridan in desperate need of a facelift?

Why can’t I just grow older disgracefully? I would wear purple, I can assure you.

Why do I feel the urgent need (not for the toilet...please!) to enhance my witch like, gnarled looks?

In fact, talking about toilets...have you seen that advert about toilets? Well actually, the one where the cashier has a bladder complaint and all she sees are toilets? Oh dear. Is this what growing older is all about? Should I dread the inevitable increasing years?


The media has a massive impact on people’s lives. Now I know this for sure as I am a psychologist and I have a soapy box that I can lift myself onto every now and again and call for attention. I talk about body image issues and addiction, I refer to society and socialisation and conditioning and I demand a balance...less busty women and more men showing their physiques...just for a change. Not much to ask really, is it?

I have to admit though, I wouldn’t mind a kind photographer taking my picture and then politely airbrushing away my wrinkles, smudges, pores, possibly half my nose and enhancing my ultra slim lips. Admittedly it may not look much like me in the end but, well, I would still look glamorous. Visitors would come and stare at it and then at me with a quizzical expression...

I think we all know that society places too great an emphasis on appearance and this can be very damaging to confidence and self esteem. It is such a pity that we can’t all just accept the way we are and the way we look; young or old and welcome the person beneath; whether under silky blonde hair or grey short tufts.

Beauty comes from within.

The media hasn’t forgotten this. They just can’t always get money out of it.

So my propositions are thus;

ΠWisedays...respect people getting older, stop pushing them away into shadowy, dusty corners as if they are somehow worthless past the age of 40!

 Adverts...older people have fun too! Why be ashamed of them? Can’t they colour their hair, do the washing up, grab a bit of shopping and hoover too?

Ž Acceptance...enhance wrinkles and embellish faces full of character. Banish facial creams for men and women that keep aging at bay. Brush away airbrushing too!

And if you really require a reason for implementing the above strategies, I think it’s pretty obvious what that is...

Because when you are over the hill you’re worth it!





Wise Days - what a brilliant idea! A thoroughly refreshing approach to the aging process :)

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Yes, even I agree that society places too great an emphasis on appearance and this can be very damaging to confidence and self-esteem, especially when wrinkles or other aging signs are clearly visible. I suggest both men & women who think there self-esteem & confidence have affected should at least once consult aesthetic doctor and discuss about non-surgical face-lift & other facial treatments. wrinkles
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