It is official! working out, outside, can improve your mental health and wellbeing
New study reveals being physically active in childhood could protect against depression
Aerobic exercise plays a vital role brain and cognitive health
Over-eating has been linked to depression, now a new approach to weight loss has been suggested
Gary Speed found hanged aged 42
Tragic death of Gary Speed forces players to speak out
Street Soccer Scotland hosts first Christmas football match to help reduce isolation on Christmas da
Researchers find that people who hare more physically active have elevated levels of enthusiasm and excitement than less active people
Research suggests that being a part of a weight loss team can improve motivation and outcome
One in five people become depressed at some point in their lives, everyone gets low at times but in some cases depression can interfere with a person’s everyday life. On one website it informed me that there are two treatments available for...
20th July 2012
If you long to find a way to lift your spirits, to get in touch with your inner sanctuary and find your real destiny, then read on. Take a morning or evening, or a day at the weekend to try these ways of making your inner star sparkle. You will be...
16th August 2012
Fun at the dentist I had never had any problems with going to the dentist when I was young. I enjoyed the occasion, receiving a sticker for my excellent teeth. However, when I was about eleven years old, the dentist discovered that I had two adult...
16th November 2012
I advocate replacing birthdays with wisedays. Why the devil not? They do in some cultures, so why not here? I’m grumpy about the way getting older is frowned upon; making wrinkles even more firmly entrenched, by the brainwashing media....
5th March 2013
From the resus table to Fitness Ambassador Well it has been a very long time since I last wrote a blog. Partly due to being very busy, partly through lack of feeling very inspiring. But today I am feeling rather proud of myself and want to...
2nd September 2018
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