Mental Healthy expert nominated for Exorex personal trainer award

Mental Healthy expert nominated for Exorex personal trainer award

Mental Healthy is pleased to announce the nomination of David Morrell in the Exorex personal trainer of the year competition. 

David has worked in the world of fitness, health promotion and education for over 20 years and has particularly focused on helping those with special needs.  This includes individuals living with chronic medical concerns (including mental illness), those with physical disabilities and frail older folk. 

David says: 'I am genuinely pleased that I have been nominated, my sincere hope is that this can highlight the key role of exercise on improving mental, emotional and social wellbeing as well as the many physical benefits it can bring, in all individuals, regardless of age or ability.'

The award:


Heading up the search for Exorex Personal Trainer of the Year is none other than the celebrity personal trainer credited for Peter Andre’s toned physique; Nick Mitchell.

Nick, who is also a motivational force behind some of the UK’s Olympic hopefuls says, “The Exorex Personal Trainer of the Year is a prestigious accolade to be presented to an outstanding personal trainer.

“I’m looking for the kind of person who goes beyond the call of duty to inspire others to improve their body confidence through fitness and motivates them to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

David's approach

David's approach has always been to enhance the overall wellbeing and quality of life of individuals, which includes functional ability and independence, psychosocial health, improved management of existing medical concerns and reducing the risk of others. 

David says 'This is achieved by a combination of warm and sensitive communications and the intelligent application of knowledge and experience to accomplish an increase in individuals’ confidence and self-belief and improvements in all-round fitness (e.g. stamina, strength, joint mobility, muscular flexibility, speed, balance and reflexes).'

Nominating someone

We believe David a very worth candidate, but if you know someone who is also deserving of the award you can nominate them here.


To enter you will need to explain in no more than 100 words how your personal trainer has motivated you to improve your fitness and live a healthier lifestyle.

Please include the name and contact number of the trainer you are nominating along with your name, telephone number and your address.

The winning entry will be picked by Nick who will also be presenting the winner with £3,000 to spend on personal training equipment.

Additionally the person nominating the winning entry will receive £200 in Figleaves vouchers.

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