Mel C: My daughter saved me from depression

My daughter saved me from my eating disorder and depression says spice girl Mel C

By Charlotte Fantelli

Melanie Chisholm tells She magazine ‘Scarlet hasn’t just changed my life, she’s saved it.’

Having suffered from an eating disorder and clinical depression in her 20’s, Melanie tells She ‘I felt like I wasn’t in control of my life, I was public property and I was fixated on my body image.’ Sporty Spice was part of a brand, but the media too often forget that behind that ‘brand’ there are real lives, and real consequences; ‘I was stereotyped as the aggressive masculine tomboy, which wasn’t me at all.’

In 2009 Mel aged 35, gave birth to her daughter Scarlett, and as with many mothers who have known the sting of mental ill health, she admits ‘I worried that I might not be able to cope with motherhood.’

Thankfully Melanie’s is not just surviving, she is thriving in her new role ‘She’s (Scarlett) given me a fresh start.’

Melanie now believes all her problems are behind her, and puts it down to her little girl and partner of nine years, property developer Thomas Starr, 43.

We at Uncovered wish her every success in her career and life as a mum, great for speaking out about your problems, insecurities and your recovery!

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