Men get postnatal depression too

New study reveals postnatal depression in men

A recent study has revealed that a high number of fathers are suffering from depression.  The study, published by the Medical Research Council, suggests that one in five fathers will have suffered at least one bout of depression by the time their child reaches secondary school age.

The MRC study looked at over 86,900 families.  It reveals that 3% of fathers have been depressed by the time their child was one, rising to 10% by the time their child was four, 16% by eight and 21% by 12.

This compares to mothers post natal depression figures that show 13% had been depressed by the time of their child's first birthday, 24% by their fourth, 33% by their eighth and 39% by their 12th.

There is so much more to postnatal depression than just hormonal changes experienced by the mother, the pressure on both new parents is huge.  This landmark study will hopefully help raise awareness about the effect parenthood has on both mothers and fathers, and open up communication about this subject.

Published in Uncovered Magazine October 2010 issue 1

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