To all the carers out there

by Charlotte Fantelli

It's World Mental health Day, and today I want to say a BIG THANK YOU!

To my fish I forgot to feed, to my neighbour I ignored, to my teacher I flipped the finger, to my mum who bound my scars... Thank you.

To the man in the petrol station I screamed at, to the psychologist I made cry, to the friends who talked me through the night... Thank you.

To my husband who brought me back from the brink and has walked every step of recovery by my side... Thank you.

You may never know how much I needed to scream, to forget, to bleed, to ignore you, but I do. You may never know what your being there, being taken forgranted, your hand to hold, your accepting my forgetfullness meant to me, but I do.

For all the nights my needs came first, for all the shoulders I needed to cry on, to push away, to stand on... Thank you.

To every carer out there, everyone who has loved someone with a mental illness, to everyone who knows how hard it is to be the 'other one in the relationship', to everyone who has been ignored, hit, cried on, shouted at, ignored some more, taken forgranted, loved and needed in equal measure... Thank you.

It is just two little words but believe me when I say I would not be here now if it wasn't for all those I have met along my path, do not underestimate what an incredible role you have to play in other peoples lives. It's just two little words but they come from my heart... Thank you.


Inspiring! So simple, but so honest - gratitude is a wonderful thing.

Thank you :)

Beautiful, thank you x