Vitamin B great for the mind

The importance of B-Vitamins

The B Vitamins' links with mental health have been clear for a long time, however new research has shown a direct link between B vitamins and Alzheimer’s. A deficiency of B3 (niacin) is already known to cause anxiety and panic, as well as psychosis and mental slowness, which are also known symptoms of Alzheimer's. Vitamin B deficiency has also been linked to depression.

Slowing down dementia

This latest research, showing B vitamins may help prevent or ‘slow down’ symptoms of dementia, is wonderful, but this study should not have us all rushing to the health food shop just yet. Professor Clive Ballard from the Alzheimer's Society has said 'Previous studies looking at B vitamins have been very disappointing and we wouldn't want to raise people's expectations yet'.

Published in Uncovered Magazine October 2010 issue 1



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