Dementia Infographic

What is dementia and what are the facts and statistics?

Dementia is a group of symptoms that is associated with the gradual decline of the brain and its abilities. This includes a decline in memory, speed of thinking, language, mental agility, judgement and understanding.Dementia can occur as a result of changes to the structure of the brain and gradual damage to the brain cells. 

Currently in the UK 1 person in 76 suffers from dementia; those are the cases we know about. A massive 821,884 cases go undiagnosed. Dementia is on the rise and by 2025 it’s predicted that there will be over a million cases in the UK alone. See our incredible infographic below for more important facts about the condition.

If you need help or support with dementia care then contact your local charity or care home; their specialist staff can give you the advice you and your relatives need. Hallmark care homes have researched and produced and infographic on the rising challenge of dementia in the UK.


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