Developmental Disabilities and Disorders, and Stigma Part 2

by Jade S

Good evening from the States, Readers.  I appreciate SO MUCH the positive feedback I received from Part 1 of this discourse on people who are developmentally disabled.  It is a subject that is so dear to my heart, as is general mental health and wellness in our world.  

As I stated in Part 1, I hope this blog sparks a discussion, and Part 2 is meant to be the real beginning.  My goal is to create a dialogue where anyone can find information on how to assist the developmentally disabled to live a healthy and happy life.  I run into many people who have given up the fight to live this kind of life, especially those who suffer from any kind of brain disorder.  Whether it be physical, from an injury, or chemical, or perhaps even spiritual, THERE MUST BE AN ANSWER.  We must keep searching until we find what all of us are looking for: a meaningful existence.  

Those of us who are held back from the disorders, disabilities, and illnesses we suffer from must begin to believe there is a way to health and happiness, and this way can be found if we will just keep looking.  This discussion, which I hope to join with all of you, is intended to unite our ideas for how our lives can be improved when we are encountering these needs around us every day, whether it be with ourselves or our family or close friends, or even those people we see on a daily basis within our communitites.  

I figure nothing's better to start a discussion than a question, so... who among you is familiar with people who suffer from both psychological and physical challenges?  If this is you, how are some positive ways you live a meaningful life?  I hope all of us may benefit from the answers we get.  I know I sure will!


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