Disappointment in Treatment

by Jade S

Many of us have a long history of doctors' visits and therapists.  I have so many I can't remember all their names anymore!  This is no coincidence; BPD is known for its difficult relationships and trust issues.  There should be no surprise that we have difficult relationships with our therapists and doctors as well as our spouses, friends, and family members.  Don't worry, this is not a guilt trip.  Your relationship problems are a result of your illness, not your will.

How can we educate our doctors and therapists about our illness and the importance of learning how to communicate with us as patients?  Many of them are unwilling to listen; they don't want their patients telling them how to do their job, especially after years of medical school and tests and studying.  It's important to look at it from their perpective.  Nevertheless, it is their job to educate themselves about our illness and the best ways to treat it, not to mention advocating more research on how to treat us.  If the doctors will not side with us, it becomes our responsibility to advocate for ourselves and the ones we love.  We must educate ourselves, and try our best to educate our doctors.  Most importantly, we must find the doctors and therapists that will stick with us through our difficulties and disorder, and treat us with as much respect and dignity as they would treat a cancer patient.  Keep your eyes out for these doctors, and spread the word about them.  

I hope everyone does well today


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