Stuck in the Mud, in the midst of depression

by Jade S

I tend to write when I'm feeling well and my advice and statements are most definitely made from the healthy place in my brain.  Well today I decided to write in the midst of my depression, stuck in the mud, sinking into sickness.  Is that alright with everyone?  I hope so, because I know that many of you will read this who are in the same position I am.

What are best things to do when you are like this?  People tell you to "snap out of it" but I think they are ignorant.  They don't realize you can't snap out of a sickness, and there is plenty of research online to back this up.  However, there ARE ways for us to arrive at a place in our minds where we can literally snap out of our depression.  It is like a lightbulb going of.. but we have to work towards the light.  I know how difficult it is to work towards anything when you are depressed.    The idea is to work just a little bit, and then the rest will follow.  

If you can't work that little bit, it's important to have someone around you who can lift you up just enough that you can grab onto the light, whether that light is a phone call to the doctor or friend, a shower, a quick spurt of exercise, a few minutes in the sunshine, or at the very worst, a call to the emergency room.  Depression does not have to be the end of the sinkhole.  There is always something or someone to grab onto so the depression does not suck you under. 

Here are some sources to help your depression when you are desperate for help

  1. Medication or natural supplements (Call Doctor First)
  2. Local suicide hotlines (Samaritains UK: 08457 90 90 90, ROI: 1850 60 90 90)
  3. 1-800-273-8255 in the U.S.
  4. Call a family member
  5. Call a therapist
  6. Call a friend
  7. Take a walk or drive
  8. Deep Breathing Exercises
  9. I will add to this list as time goes on, and you are free to make suggestions!  So many of us suffer from depression, let's offer all the advice we can for these moments.


Thanks for the great tips Jadee - hang in there you are doing great, we all have bad days xxxx

Thank you for your honesty. One stratagy that I find useful when I feel really down, as I try to find sleep, I make myself search for any positive things that have happened in the last day. It can be something small like having food in the cupboard or the birds in my gaden or a flower in bloom that lifted my mood slightly. Anything that is a blessing. Then as I drift off I repeat these positive things or moments (there is always one however dark it seems) and by falling to sleep with positive thoughts it helps to start the next day on a slightly less negative note.

Something that really helps me at times when I feel that ole' black dog (as Ernest Hemmingway used to call it) of depression comes chasing is to listen to uplifting, positive music. Music with lyrics that are positive and soothing, comforting and encouraging. Music has always had an effect on me and I ve noticed certain songs depress me even more or cause my mind to race. Others, like I mentioned above, actually help me turn on that ole' black dog, stand firm and say, leave me alone; can't you see I want nothing to do with you. Not that we have control over this so much of the time, but that we are as pro-active as we can possibly be - and, sometimes that takes all we have. Never give in, never give up...fight for your life because life is good.

Thank you for this :)

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