Compassion and Communication

by Jade S

Good Morning Readers!! (at least in my area of the world smiley)

     A chipper greeting, but I am in a solemn mood.  Studying psychological disorders can be difficult sometimes.  Those who suffer from mental illness require a heap of compassion, and they deserve it.  Often trauma will bring a disorder to the surface, and many of those with disorders have suffered more trauma than any one person can handle.  In the process of studying psychology, I have come into contact with stories that would break your heart into pieces.  Perhaps you are one of those people who has undergone such trauma.  Perhaps you know someone who has.  Please, I beg you, have compassion on yourself and others.  It can be a vital part of the healing process.  We MUST be able to share our experiences with others without fear of judgment. 




Hi Ya, Its 2.34 am and once again I can not sleep , why I do not know, when I was little Mum use to say it was cause I was hungry, now I know its anxiety . After 15 admissions to the Psychiatric Unit, and tonnes of medication, with over a dozen people I know committing suicde I am just not sure how it all goes from here. Bi Pola needs a lot of work and maintenance, you have to pre warn yourself of any trouble, and most of all you must not beat yourself up. I find it is more the others that have a problem with my illness. I have a lot of tearful stories from as far as I can remember,but I have heard worse that makes mine seem nothing.I always feel these experiences have to be put behind you and make small goals for the future.

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