When mental health services provoke complaints


The Crisis Team that wouldn't admit me or hospitalise me when compulsively suicidal ...

The junior psychiatrist who asked me, in front of my mum, why I didn't want to kill myself or her ...

The support worker who pulled out a knife on me and pretended to stab me with it ...

The worker who confided she had bulimia and she wanted to be "more than client/professional"..

The support worker who said I would rot in Islamic Hell forever if I were to "commit suicide" ...

The NHS mental health team whose phone lines have been down for up to 3 days at a time ...

and perhaps ultimately my suicide attempt in hospital whilst supposedly on suicide watch ...

These are just some reasons I've had to complain lately!

Large Red Complaint Button

The SHO: "Why don't you want to kill yourself/your mum?"

I think this is a good place to start.  Would you believe I never actually did complain formally about this intimidating and aggressive junior psychiatrist -- my NHS keyworker stayed behind after the incident and spoke to him and I understand he treated everybody else with schizophrenia the same.  As a journalist of some 15 years, I often keep contemporaneous records of conversations with mental health professionals if they cause me undue distress -- here is the full "transcript":

Dr: “Are you feeling suicidal today?”

IB: “No.”

Dr: “Have you ever attempted to take your own life?”

IB: “Yes”

Dr: “Did you plan it first or did you just do it?”

IB: “I planned it.”

Dr: “Do you have any plans to kill yourself at the moment?”

IB: “No.”

Dr: “Do you want to kill someone?”

IB: “Pardon?”

Dr: “Do you want to kill somebody?”

IB: “No.”

Dr: “Why not?”

IB: “Because I don’t”.

Dr: (turning to my mum) “Do you want to kill your mum?”

IB: “No.”

Dr: “Why not?”

IB: “Because I don’t?”

Dr: “But why not?”

IB: “Because I love her and it’s wrong.”

Dr: “You are saying all the right things.  We believe you now.  We are safe.”

The Crisis Team which wouldn't admit or offer treatment

Next, and this time, believe me this was so serious we complained offcially to the local NHS Trust and it resulted in considerable changes to working practices and even staff ...  I was in a desperately low state 3 years ago when I unexpectedly and without warning felt compulsions to kill myself.   I rang the NHS Crisis Team.  I got my mum to drive me up to the local psychiatric hospital with an overnight bag, packed, but they would not admit as I had, in their opinion "no intent".  I was sent back home after a cup of tea and a chat.

The next day, the Crisis and Home Treatment team paid me a visit.  I won't name the Trust or the staff, but the first words were as follows:

CPN: "Hi Ian. I haven't read your notes.  I don't believe in reading peoples notes.  Have you ever considered depot medication?" [injections of antipsychotics]

My family and I were just aghast at this -- I have been totally complaint with medication for the 8 years I've been diagnosed and have never missed more than one dose -- about maybe twice or three times in 8 years.   I was suicidal AND compliant with medication and my acute paranoia was the result of stress and not medication non-compliance.

The CPN offered to admit, but when he got back to base, he discovered the nearest bed was two counties away and I wouldn't get there until 5.30am.  This was 10pm.  Understandably, we decided to tough out that night and resume negotiations with the Crisis Team the next day.

Then the CPN came back round.  The whole Crisis Team then spent 5 and a half months refusing to admit me or offer me home treatment and my the care coordinator wouldn't help either.  It wasn't for 5 months until the consultant psychiatrist changed my medication to a brang new drug that the relentless compulsions to die stopped -- Samaritans guidelines prevent me (quite rightly) from telling you the methods I considered but I was particularly attracted to certain things and by the end of those five months it was almost more than I could manage not to kill myself.   I still get suicidal ideation now -- I've been going through it recently, on Valentine's Day, and since.  I got the same NHS Crisis Team person last week -- he wouldn't event document my call on the e-CPA computer system and told me to ring another area's Crisis Team if I needed to speak again that night.  I have made gentle noises to my NHS keyworker about it.  She has had words ... the outcome -- it's now been documented!

Heaven or Hell Switch

The knife incident, phone lines down, and Islamic Hell

At a local mental health day centre I was just making a cup of tea one afternoon late last year when a support worker pulled out a knife on me in the kitchen and pretended to stab me with it.  This is one of the most dangerous things any mental health worker could possibly do in a mental health setting.  Had I misread the situation and reacted differently -- defensively -- or been someone else, this could easily have been a tragedy in the making. 

I spoke in person to the local manager and made an informal complaint.  The outcome -- the support worker doesn't work on the same days as I attend the service any more.

Meanwhile, back at my local NHS Trust, the telephone lines have been down so often over the past year -- sometimes completely down -- other times, the Crisis Team or all of the Community Mental Health Team and even the switchboard.  I complained to Trust management several times by phone and email.  Indeed initially I just rang up other Trust numbers and said: "Please can you let IT know that all your phone lines are down?".  But the Trust denied it, repeatedly, and even wrote to me and emailed me denying it.  Only once I emailed my MP to say I'd been suicidal and unable to contact the local NHS mental health team for 3 days did they finally admit there was a problem -- and invite me to send in "evidence". Outcome -- this one is ongoing.  The problems with the phone lines persist.

And Islamic Hell.  I am a liberal Christian -- if you don't know what one is, try Googling "John Shelby Spong" -- an American Liberal Bishop I once interviewed for Sunday programme when I was working for BBC Radio.  I had a painful Roman Catholic upbringing, including experiences of abuse.  I believe in Hell, but I do not want to believe that anyone who attempts suicide will end up there.  So when a Muslim support worker preached his values to me and explained the full horror of Islamic Hell and damnation to me in an attempt to keep me safe ... what did I do?  I kept it to myself.  For about a year anyway.  At that point, I became traumatised at the thought previous suicide attempts would mean I would suffer for eternity.  It was only when a very kind young occupational therapist probed me about Catholic guilt that I realised I needed to complain.  I did so informally via my NHS keyworker.  Outcome -- words have been exchanged.

Finally, the suicide attempt in hospital "on suicide watch"

I don't want to go into detail about the worker who confided bulimia and that she wanted to be more than client and professional, as this still hurts, and I am still in the process of trying to return to the mental health service where she so severely broke boundaries, but I have to end this blog with the ultimate complaint ... and would you believe, to this day, despite my parents wanting to sue, I HAVE NOT COMPLAINED!!!

As a result of abrupt diazepam withdrawal 8 years ago (I'm still on a small dose) it became clear that the drug was masking suicidal compulsions and, as I have blogged previously, I spent a day preparing to die.  I lived "the perfect day" -- and it was -- before making final preparations.  At the last minute, a combination of love for my mum and ME/CFS made me reveal my plans to her ... and I agreed to go voluntarily/informally into hospital.

Sadly, the next day, whilst supposedly on suicide watch, I used something I had not had taken off me when admitted to attempt suicide.  It was a bit innovative, and there's no way I'm going to risk anyone vulnerable copying it, so don't even wonder about what I did.

Nobody noticed.  For two days.  Then a student nurse came in and said: "Ian, did YOU do that?".

I said: "No!" authoritatively, scared.

She asked again, even more gently: "Ian, are you SURE you didn't do that?"

This time I just couldn't hold it in any longer.  "YES, please help me."

The following day, when my mum visited the ward, I asked her how the staff had broken the news to her of my suicide attempt and how she was coping.


My mum broke bown in floods of tears.  She was unconsolable.  I was unconsolable.  And ever since, every time I have felt suicidal, this moment has kept me safe.  Yes, there have been times when I've wanted to die, even felt compelled to die, but to picture my mum and those floods of tears.  I will never forget.  And I know that if I were ever to succeed in taking my own life, she would never forget either.


You really should complain about these things and you should push it until an acceptable resolution has been made, not just for your sake but for all the people these so called professionals will come into contact with in the future. People need to speak and open up more or we will never get the changes we so desperately need in our mental health services.

Thanks for your kind support.  I do, of course, want to protect other clients and service users, and that's why I have always brought things to the attention of people's line managers or supervisors.  This has usually been at personal cost to me, in one case even being banned from a service (a local mental health charity affiliated to a national one).

So one has to be really careful in services not to alienate the people delivering care.  For example, when I complained to my NHS Trust about the phone lines being down so frequently my care co-ordinator broke boundaries and asked me during a 1-1 to drop the complaint as she had been approached my Trust management.   I felt unable to pursue it any further as it could affect our therapeutic relationship.

I'd welcome any feedback from anyone on this page with any suggestions as to how we can all report our concerns without it affecting our care.

I'm sorry I haven't replied until now -- I've been off work with a throat infection.

Take care, Ian

Hi Ian, hope your throat is feeling better. It's absolutely unacceptable and disgraceful for your care to be jeopardised because of these peoples mistakes. You go there for help and you should not be treated in this way, I hope that you brought these repercussions and your obvious mistreatment up and lodged another formal complaint about this. It is our right to be treated respectfully and not to be punished for another persons mistake and it should not affect our care. We have the full right to ask for somebody else to take over if we feel that a person has taken personal offence to our complaint and if is affecting the working relationship. If it were me, I would have taken it a lot further so they would not think it is okay to treat people in this way. I recently contacted my MP in regard to the issues with my care and had a meeting with the people relevant to my care and I feel it has helped. My advice is just for service users to not let things slide because they think it will cause problems as that is an injustice, keep fighting until a comfortable and decent resolution is made. It may be stressful but it is better for everybody in the long run. We should know that it isn't our fault and that we deserve better from professionals, we should not let them stigmatise us and we should never stigmatise ourselves. I hope you are getting better help now. Kind regards.
I seriously would not recommend that any patient make a formal complaint against NHS mental health services. You may have your treatment withdrawn, staff will lie and the organisation will behave in a shockingly vindictive way. Furthermore, they will try and take as long as possible and cause as much harm as possible.

Thank you to both of you for your insights and kindness.  I have to agree that complaining is a BIG risk -- you only need to search the newspaper archives where I live for evidence of vindictive treatment of mental health patients who have complained. Some people have had to take legal action after care was withdrawn.

Also couldn't agree more about lies -- but in agreeing here I have to say that my local NHS Trust have just written to my MP, who forwarded the letter to me, to say they have moved telephone providers and are replacing the entire telephone system.

However this is only due to an "anticipation of faults" said the CEO and she added that the phone lines had "never been down for a whole weekend".  Now what cash-strapped mental health trust replaces its entire telephony system without there being an urgent need -- it's cutting beds so hard that it's boasting it'll have one of the lowest bed-to-client ratios in the country and saying this is because of its "brilliant community care".

If that "brilliant community care" includes leaving people suicidal for 5 months without admission or home treatment or even a support worker then I really don't know what poor community care is ...

But involving my MP got a result that even threatening to run a story identifying the Trust and the logged faults with its telephony didn't manage.

Please keep posting your comments! I've had a lot of private feedback too about this which is always welcome via my website.

PS the sore throat has travelled down to my chest now: thanks for asking though!

I made a complaint after being treated appalling by then mental health team and even though I did stop perusing the complaint, because of being treated even worse and made out to be a liar.,the team went on to get me discarged from the service's completely and I've recently been very unwell again to the point of feeling suicidal they are not doing anything for me to help me allthough my gp has gave me their number to ring. As soon as they look up my records there is a complete change in their attitude and I'm almost mocked by them.

I understand that staff do lie and are defensive and practically the opposite of what they should be but does that mean we should just let them get away with it? Everybody has to be aware of their rights and fight for them, they can not just withdraw treatment. When I contacted my MP, he got in touch with the chief executive of [name of NHS trust removed] who then produced a letter from my psychiatrist which was forwarded to me. I was extremely annoyed by what the psychiatrist had said so wrote back to my MP to politely correct the bullshit that letter contained and it carried on further. They don't make it easy for you and you shouldn't give up at the first hurdle. If they even try to withdraw treatment, fight. If legal action is required, so be it. I understand that some people can't bring themselves to do that and that is their decision, but then don't expect it to get better. Receiving treatment you don't agree with or attending a group which makes you feel worse when you leave than when you arrived or feeling disrespected by those who are supposed to be helping you doesn't feel very good, and people just stop attending because they do not see the point. But that doesn't help them either. So you may as well open your mouth and say something, or write it or email or it or whatever. Just help yourself. People will do what they will though, that's just the way I see it.

Thank you for the above comment. That has boosted my morale. Stick to facts you can prove. They hate it.
What is the best you can hope for when you make a complaint? If your complaint has substance and contains Facts, the first thing is that the person whose behavior gave cause for the complaint will go off sick, which will mean that there will be at least a six month wait before anything will be done. Expect to wait at least 8 months or more.
I agree that complaining makes you a target for even poorer service. I had reason to complain about my local Trust and although the Trust fully upheld my complaint, I am treated very badly by a number of staff now. One part of my complaint was about my psychiatrist and as there were other serious complaints about him too, he went off sick. The last time I was in hospital, a senior member of staff sat in on my ward reviews and constantly kept asking me if I had any concerns about my care. The way this was done was not supportive, but in a very intimidating manner. I have since seen my notes and am very shocked and distressed at their content, so much so, I fear for safety should I suffer a relapse.
I couldn't agree more with the comments having experienced all of the above, Even when you cite clear evidence from the complaints file of discrimination, bullying, intimidation and withdrawal of treatment as a direct outcome of your complaints the regulatory bodies pay no attention . They may suggest that you might want to request amendments but the word of medical professional ( no matter how well qualified) , slanderous or untrue will be selectively used to support the NHS and not you. Complaints are meant to be kept confidential and separate from your health record however the reality is internal memos between all the big wigs responsible for investigating your complaint are attempting to terminate your complaint. The norm is late responses (if any), repetitive apologies , typical and often contradictory explanations which are legally crafted to defend the NHS against litigation, written by lawyers for lawyers, with absolutely no regard to the damage to your mental health. Ironically, any damage caused will be your own fault for not giving up on your complaint, a symptom of your illness and not of the bureaucratic system which is rife with secrecy, compliancy and abuse. If you complain , despite the rhetoric of complaints system, your complaint will not be investigated fairly but defended ,processed in accordance with a procedure which welcomes you to keep complaining if you are dissatisfied ( typical standard last line) of the complaints response.However if you do you will viewed very much as a resource drain, continually wound up , stonewalled or bounced back and forth between different bureaucracies none of which want to accept the financial responsibility to conduct an investigation. Trying to prove your case , is equally unfair and daunting, as evidence is doctored and processed by the NHS at their own will. Even when you are able to prove facts , which takes a lot of effort and pain to gain let alone to present, your evidence will ways be secondary to that of the NHS in fact often it completely ignored as the Heath Care Oms have the right to take to the view of one party over the other, In short its all just an administrative fix to prove to the court in the highly unlikely event of a judicial review that they have followed an admistrative procedure , which is based on their own privileged duty to investigate privately or rather not in investigate transparently. In 98 % of cases their will be no investigation as they are unlikely in their opinion of the PHSO to lead to a : worthwhile outcome especially where an apology an explanation has been given regardless of its merit or truth. Their is no duty to improve the service to the complainant hence the frequent and continued discrimination and maltreatment of the patient.as long as their is some vague claim that the lessons have been learned to improve the service delivery of NHS as a whole thanks to your complaint which you have to pursue despite the trauma and cost of doing so . The longer the process has taken the more the reason not to investigate as you fall further prey to the passage of time, scapegoated for the resource burden of amount of detailed inquires which are more often than not defend the indefensible.The amount of violations of the NHS complaints legislation makes no significant difference in assessing the conduct of the trust infact they are excused and their is no mandate to implement/ enforce recommendations. The trusts don't have to comply and they simply don't rather they collude knowingly and blatantly with the regulating bodies. It has only been through documentaries, secret filming that the truth has been shown and regulatory bodies exposed for their own instrumental role in failing to regulate health and social care services. There has simply been a serious lack of accountability and an atrocious lack of professional standards which you would think would be based on taking time to care as opposed not to or pretend too.
This sums up everything thaaat has happened to me. I have been lied about and comletely blocked from receiving any mnetal health care and branded a vexatuous complaint and diagnosed on paper by someone who has never met me or spoken to me to have ,pananoiperoailty disorder becuase I have made in his words malicious complaints even when ihave evidence of what has happened such as when one worker accidently dialled my number and spent a hour on the phoner saying derrogorty things about service users and me bewfore she relaised her mistake and rang off then discharged me and denied what she had done despite me having phone mumber she called from. They have become so vindicrtive it has seriously affected my health and has gone pn eight years +mbudsman won't listen and just take their side of story
you never get the support and services u need nor do u get what you have previously been told you will get, if u complain, to head of nhs hospital which is very stressfull, u get what little is being offered withdrawn, and you get worse, believe me i know from experience, the nhs mental health system causes one more depression and anxiety. many profesionals are liars and bullies and dont care about the patient, psychiatrists and cpns. for the minority whom can afford it i sugest u get private treatment, for the rest of us whats the answer? mental health nhs services is something dispatches or similar programme should investigate, us individuals should get together to do something major
we should get together, Writing on the forums and blogs does not get anywhere. Why are we silent if we have the facts.
I think I can add a few quotes.It all happened recently, in fact,its still ongoing. I was feeling suicidal for quite a while,but two days ago I simply felt compelled to just do it.That was my 3rd attempt.I took pills,but,apparently,not enough as i simply kept vomiting and passing out. Eventually i summoned all the power i still had left and dragged myself to my local surgery and my GP called an ambulance.Upon arrival to the hospital I was in hysteria and tears and still sick from the overdose.About an hour after i was seen by a psychiatric nurse. Quote: Nurse:so i understand this was just a cry for help. Me:no.I just want to die.But i couldn't kill myself.i miscalculated the dose. Nurse:well you know,its not exactly illegal to kill yourself in this country. Me:... Nurse:even in the hospital,who's to stop you from killing yourself?if you really intend to,you will,anyway.besides,you don't look depressed or bipolar to me.i'd say you're just emotionally distressed. Me:...(sobbing uncontrollably) Nurse:well,we still gotta flush those pills out of your system.someone will see you tomorrow.but your chances of being admitted....i really doubt that will happen.
Whilst on suicide watch I tried to kill myself too. Plus I have hundreds of other complaints. But I know there's no point in mentioning them to the NHS, no-one ever takes me seriously anyway.
Reading this blog has improved my mental health, because I was suffering from the following delusions. That professionals are professional. That Mental Health services exist to support patients and those caring for them. That Psychiatrists know about mental illness. That complaints are taken seriously by the nhs and used as a way to learn and improve services and that noone would be penalised in any way for complaining. That crisis teams exist to help people in crisis. When my experience of the above was the opposite I believed that I was in some kind of hallucination, that the world was against me and only me, and although I thought I was speaking the truth, I had become a serial complainer, a troublemaker, an outcast. The GP, once kind and supportive, non partisan, was speaking as they had been posessed by anothers voice, one I had heard only a short while ago. I could only conclude that it must be something about me, that I was crazy. I was simply trying to inform my husbands cpn, that I was very concerned, would it be possible to increase his visits, a strategy documented in his care plan, that was the other delusion, the purpose of which I truly beleived was to implement to prevent a crisis and keep the person well. On recovering from these serious delusions, though I will never fully recover, I could only conclude that the worst thing that could happen to someone with any potential mental health problem is to have any contact with a the mentally unhealthy services, staffed by unprofessional professionals, I did once meet a few caring and kind souls, I think I was hallucinating that I met them, as they seem to have disapeared. I cannot see that it will ever change, because any criticism can be quelled by the most powerful force of all, a label of mental illness, not from the ordonairy person but from the service set up to help, now confused, should they not be the most understanding, the most enlightened, the most knowledgeable, the most professional. I conclude with a quote from the reponse to my complaint, your husband is diagnosed with schizophrenia, this is a severe and chronic condition, our clinical decision is that he should be discharged. ( Did I miss something, oh yes, it was the thorough assessment involving the carer, that this decision was based on, the one they said they undertook, OH, and the comprehensive risk assessment), the GP told me my expectations were too high and perhaps I would like some medication and a referral to Time to Talk!
"... the worst thing that could happen to someone with any potential mental health problem is to have any contact with mentally unhealthy services," I AGREE 100%.
How do I make a complaint? I have borderline personality disorder and for years I have made numerous attempts on my life landing me in hospital. For a year and a half now I have stopped doing that but self harm in about ten different ways just to bear everything. I turned to my cpn and begged for help the other day as I really cannot bear to live but a new part of me actually wants to get better. But instead of helping me he told me that I wasnt improving and thats that. Basically condemning me to my own death. I am very certain without any support I will in fact end up dead. I don't want to die anymore but no-one will help me to live. My sister ended up hanging herself through lack of help a few years ago yet they seem to ignore that. How can I get them to listen because next time I attempt I dont want to survive. How did you make a complaint Ian?

I, too, suffer personality distress and have been suicidal in the past few days.

I no longer believe formal complaints as the answer as I have found I get even less support now than before I complained but what DOES seem to be effective is:

(a) Ask for a CPA Review.  Bring an advocate along if you need to to ensure that your voice is heard.  You can find an independent mental health advocate who will really listen to you and understand you and help you to put your case across to the NHS via http://www.actionforadvocacy.org.uk/map.jsp?region=UK

(b) There are now new and established therapies for personality distress in NICE Guidelines which the NHS should make available to you on request -- although they won't publicise such services and knowledge of them may be patchy, so do persevere, as you can be helped to minimise your suicidal and self-harm urges ...

DBT - Dialectical Behaviour Therapy -- Marsha Linehan's original therapy for PD focuses on giving you support when feeling suicidal or self-harming, helping to reduce self-harm quite dramatically and slowing down painful emotions with Mindfulness  It's a proven therapy.

Psycho-Education - I did a group like this on personality distress last year and it MASSIVELY reduced how badly and how long I feel suicidal for and I have always come out the other side without making any attempts since.  Learning about your condition is key to winning the battle -- as you say a big part of you wants to recover, tap into this and fight for your rights to treatment.  I am now a firm believer that with the right help, personality distress can be tolerated and tamed.

MBT/CAT/TCs -- my blog on personality distress highlights how these three therapies, one of which is very new can radically improve distress tolerance over painful emotions and trauma and therapy with all three last at least 18 months at my local NHS Trust.  It is a major source of support during that time, after which you would receive follow-up care.

Please DON'T allow the NHS to neglect you in this way.  Contact your MP if need be (I have), ask to speak to the manager of the CMHT (I have), contact Emergence Plus http://www.emergenceplus.org.uk/ which is a peer run support for personality distress and most of all keep up that fighting spirit.

Should you find yourself unable to maintain your safety, dial 999 and ask for am ambulance to take you to A&E, or get a lift or taxi there.  The NHS has a legal duty of care towards you and you have a right to be taken seriously and treated with respect and dignity and compassion and hope for the future.

Best of luck,


I have a very sad story about how ive been treated by the nhs for the past 13years. They have not listened to me from day one. Im now going thru the complaints procedure but as its so long in the past, im having difficulty finding proof. The nhs has disenfranchised me every step of the way. Now they say they cant help me and suggest i go back to work. As much as id like to live a normal life, i have great difficulty even getting dressed or washed so how the heck am i supposed to go to work??? I cant see the point in money, or being alive. I no longer enjoy life and kick myself everyday that i havent got the guts to end it. My children were abducted, my mother was a controlling bully and i didnt know the word abduction, plus i didnt know what she done was against the law as shed taken them over 130miles away, at a time of great financial and emotional crisis, i was at uni and went into denial, after 6years i had a breakdown, in my medical records it says that my children were 'placed' and every nhs employee ive seen since has treated me the same because they believe whats written in my notes. I now have no family and no future. Ive been unable to earn the basic rate of £36 per hour because i was too sick with GRIEF, a word the nhs dont understand and even after all these years, only after i complained, has that word appeared. the nhs exploit the mentally sick, they dont listen, only observe. They write what they like knowing we dont look at our notes and are too vulnerable to retort. Whos going to believe the word of a mentally ill patient against a so called 'health professional' All it would have taken was a phone call to the police and social services, i would have gotten so much help, but they found it easier to palm me off with antidepressants. Not so easy now, many years later, my grief is now complicated and theres no one in the nhs it seems has a clue. I now understand why some people just go berserk and go on a killing spree. Im now searching for a small revolver and im now making such plans. When it gets to the news, please speak up for me. thankyou
ps as an example, and i dont care who reads this, i have it in print so they cant deny Northampton Campbell house, DR Nadim, gave me a personality disorder label which suggests im a drama queen who wants to be the centre of attention. Heres a list of the lies which are STILL being believed today may 2013 20.10.2003 Dr barraclough 'distressed as daughter has harmed herself this weekend' 06.08.2003 dr tripney 'mother took her children away when she started to live with a partner' 07.08.2003 Hawan 'didnt take anymore as arms hurt' 13.08.2003 dr nadim 'Histrionic personality traits/disorder yet to be officially diagnosed via personality test' 05.06.2004 'smashed house up' 08..4.2005 Yadav 'at present mandy lives in a council flat' 12.09.2006 Timmins 'to the isle of wight where she has put herself on the housing list' 'is now again organizing weddings and parties, doing balloon decorations and the like' 15.11.2006 barraclough 'probs and distress relating to neighbours' 21.02.2007 'placed under the care of her mother' 21.02.2007 BARRY LINGER CMHT ASSESSOR 'although i did not seek any further information or clarification, it seems that the children were placed under the care of her mother' 21.02.2007 'she has taken over 6 overdoses of medication over the past 3 years' 29.09.2008 'whom she claims took guardianship of her two daughters' I asked my notes to be amended with the truth, they added my comments but in a way that i just said it, not thats its true. I went to see a couple of clinicians who never met me, but they looked at my notes, and then questioned me about the involvement of the social services arrrgghh they still think im lying. Strangely enough, all these lies have never been discussed to me, so i never knew they were in my notes until last year when i asked to look. the nhs has buried me and ensured my mothers got off scot free (shes very happy now, enjoying my daughters and my grandchild who i will never hold or see, im in a living hell and no one will help.
I am very sorry to read about this distressing case, it is atrocious and disgusting. PLEASE - Consult a solicitor / contact PALS www.pals.nhs.uk and your local Councillor, SOMEONE must help you! feel free to email me at [email protected]
sorry i just had to mention that i dont need any sympathy, i just need help.
Same old crap happens here in Australia. Our MH system caters only to illegally drug affected bozos. I got told im not that bad because I dress neatly (all my clothes are good ones thanks to my parents who also wash them for me - bless them), look clean (I have OCD which makes me panic about germs etc) and aren't really dopey.... you know all those features that you see so prominently featured in movies -.-, they pissed me off so much so I don't talk to my local quacks anymore. I have a severe fear of medication and said quite clearly they would need to admit and forcefully administer the medication to at least get me started. (PS I have been prescribed Citalopram, Venlafaxine, Moclobemide bla bla bla) and haven't taken any of them so I have a portable pharmacy in my room.. not really safe. So I hope you guys in the UK get it better then we do.
I think if you have the strength then you must complain! Sadly I can not say that this is the first time I have heard things like this or experienced similar. These people need to be dealt with. Mental illness does not make someone stupid or invalid. I often wonder why these people are not vetted better. Mental health services are sub standard enough without such discussing displays of behaviour.
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I,ve got to the point where I don't want anything to do with the mental health service any more....I get compulsions to kill people and get no help at all of them....I had crisis team out yesterday..who were in and out in 5 mims..next time I get like that I don't care if I act out...i,m sick and tired of being ignored by them
I,m sick and tired of having to isolate with my illness and them thinking that is the way to deal with it.....I refuse to do this...next time I get compulsions to kil I,mooing todo it.and I wil say to the judge what do they expect
Almost all of what you mention is astonishingly legitimate and it makes me wonder why I hadn't looked at this in this light previously. Your article really did switch the light on for me as far as this issue goes. Nevertheless at this time there is 1 issue I am not necessarily too comfy with and while I attempt to reconcile that with the core theme of the issue, permit me see what the rest of the readers have to say.Nicely done.
Hi, new here. I recently have reason to complain about my CPN who took what I was saying to her and told police that it was my wife was saying it to her. I told the CPN about my fears of being scary to my family. I'd worried my controlling of my issues would make my wife feel under threat and I worried that I worried about our money too much. This CPN, when I told her, I was fine one day, I didn't need to see her and that I was busy feeding the baby, went to the police and told them my wife had approached her. My wife says not. And implicitly denies these accusations. Our family got torn apart. (We have a child together, 10 mths old. We got married and I was open about my issues. All the positives that have made us a happy loving family was really our efforts, my personal research into Cognitive, music and art therapies, mindfulness and years of struggle before I decided to set forth on being with somebody else.) I've been in touch with my local mental health team for the purpose of any extreme reactions I may have to life, married life, and parental life. AS A FAILSAFE. As my own guardianship to my potential unpredictability whilst getting a reign on it and acclimatising to my present loving family life. As far as I know and I have asked, my wife loves me, I treat her well, if she wants to leave me she feels free to, she is not blinded by love nor obligation to our child, understands that if I was a problem for our child she would take the option of separation. I too understand and am willing to undergo any pragmatic steps to ensure the happiest of lives for our child. With all these safeguards/therapies firmly in place I am finally at peace with my mental illness. And that's the thing. Regarding it as sensations and not trying to mentally react or control these compulsions really works for me. Understanding they are there as a bodily chemical process, cognitively broaching these feelings with a professional and on alert being in contact with the appropriate bodies. This is what I was attempting with the CPN. She wasn't listening obviously. She heard half the story and made waves when she felt her authority was challenges. She LIED to police in a twisted attempt to justify her moral highground. She did not use the appropriate highground. I was took for questioning by the police. Held all day. Charges were brought against me and I was exiled from my family home. These nurses are using the convolution of our intricately tangled minds to simplify and stigmatise our situations when they feel not, physically threatened but egotistically threatened. My wife spent two weeks solid demanding my exile order be lifted. Everyday, she went to the police station unknown to me, I had absolutely no contact. Because of her we were reunited as a family. It still affects our child. She is very wary of me leaving the room or the house. But as a brave girl and my consistent returns and affections are slowly abating her anxieties. She loves me very much and not because of the pass kids give bad parents but because I give her love and affection. I am tender and kind, reasonable and dignified around her. After this I still require contact with the local mental health team thanks to the constant threat of Tory rule and meddling of the benefits systems. I will say at this point my Crisis team who have worked with me on this occasion as well as much earlier occasions in the past have been ultra supportive but their hands are tied as far as constitutionally furthering my complaint. And beyond my need for retribution, recovery of credibility and decriminalising of my character, there is inside me now, a deep mistrust of home help. This next CPN is a he. He keeps asking " what is happening?" in the context of when he comes to see me, (this Wednesday) that he wants to meet me and " see what is happening". As far as I am now concerned, he is imagining up a scenario for me to further embellish or he is actually concerned about where I will take the incident with the previous CPN. When I asked over the phone what he meant by " What is happening?" he drifted off and made me think his phone was gathering interference. This to me, is very impersonal and silly. Unprofessional at worst. Playing mindgames with mentally ill people as a psychiatric nurse does not bode well for future engagements. What all this has lead me to ( the involvement of this mental health team) is of viewing myself in a negative light whenever I have to deal with them. A non-negotiable judgement of my character and difficult restlessness of my own self evaluation.Each time I work with these people I feel I am a bad person who is "handled". I want this sort of playing with ambiguities to end. I want alternatives and I want to feel safe around supposed help and support. Any advice, please?
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I am currently in a mental ward I've been kicked out of twice, and then brought back and pals have had to get involved. I've been told just coz I have autism and they don't know how to help me I can't go into supported living. Staff have told me it's my choice if I want to kill myself and they have watched me try to hang myself and didn't try to stop me. Tonight one nurse said when finding me with string tied around my neck she wouldn't be following me around all night just let her know when it's round my neck and I want them to cut it off. I've been threatened with the police and to be restrained made fun of, talked about behind my back and treated like less than human. They were talking about discharging me next week so pals telling them they need to help me was pointless! They have called me childish, and yes most people with a developmental disability are, I've been promised help I've not had, and worst of all I've actually been left without food due to sensory overload and not wanting to go into the dining area with 25 people eating and que up! It's horrid my sister had to call and threaten to sue them before they tried to help, they want us to die because it's cheaper and we are seen as a burden. They take your charger away from you but leave you rope to bang yourself. They don't want you to die? But they won't stop you if you want to either. They really don't care, I've even been assaulted in here, the staff look at me like crap and it's no wonder in a world filled with lies, no care and selfish people that I don't want to be alive. We have some staff here that are amazing and they try so hard to help you but they say I need to take responsibility for my actions..... What's the point in admitting someone to a ward for being suicidal if your just gunna let them commit suicide? Lol it's all evil and backhanded these days and the good people are in fear and overshadowed by the bad.
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My husband took his own life a few months ago. The crisis team failed every way they could. My husband told the man from the crisis team he would carry on attempting until he succeeded but the crisis team did nothing. I begged them for help on the Saturday and found him passed away on the Sunday at our family home. The crisis team took days to get in touch with us after the doctor had referred my husband. They failed with correct medication, failed with calls. On the Saturday when a man from the c team came out, I left Him and my husband talking for Tem mins while I popped to shop as I'm sure privacy on my husband behalf would of been nice, I said do not leave him until I'm back and we can also speak about further care, on my return the man had gone leaving my husband with a leaflet rocking back and forth on the sofa. Please can I have advice or any comments on how I take this further. I've complained to the crisis team and they have responded saying they have made changes and in the future will take in factors they find were faulted with mine and my husbands care
I can't go into 18 years of history, I was on and off medication for 14 years, I tried to get help years ago but was ignored, I am in my early 30s, the CPN, psys all wrote lies about me which have never changed. I took anti-everything, high doses, I was sectioned against my will, the police came to my house threatening me when I was in my pyjamas. When my parents tried to complain they said I was too old, at 18 and that I had to make decisions for myself but I was too helpless. Everytime I tried to express myself I was accused of having too much anger, and labelled psychotic, then it changed to psychosis. I have recently discovered that the information about my past has been completely changed, they wrote lies about me saying my mother had a traumatic birth- which is rubbish !!! every time I see mental health services they just treat me so condescendingly and they have made it difficult for me to get anywhere with my complaints! 3 years and I have got nowhere. After seeing a psychiatrist, I thought everything was ok. I told him that there were alternatives etc etc to medication, he basically closed the conversation saying I was suspicious. I receive a letter a few weeks later with malicious information and at the bottom a note which says I admitted that I had suffered from psychosis. I tried 3 times to go in person to speak to him, he left the practice, I was told he did not work there anymore but saw him go to work there again. They tried to get me out of the way and said I had an enduring mental illness. I have tried to correct the information which has been in my file for many years. I tried many times to get my medical records changed as this is what is stopping me from getting the help I need, and have been ignored, I am really sensitive about my private information. I wrote to my MP 1 week ago, I have received no reply. I have spent the past 3 years trying to put right what happened 10 years or more ago and been going round in circles. I have tried to get help on the NHS withdrawing from medication but MHS do not want to help me with that. I have been withdrawing from medication for the past 3 years, with insomnia, anger etc, aggression, headaches etc. The biggest problem is my memory, I just don't have one anymore- unbelievable but true. I just stay indoors, I forget things from 3 seconds ago. It has taken a lot of hard work to write this. I am now suffering protracted withdrawal syndrome, I just don't know what to do now. I have been doing everything myself as the NHS has completely ignored me when I need them most.
Don't you think these 'health professionals' have had a completely different life to the ordinary working class, they cant possible empathise as they've had no experience of social or personal or family problems, plus theyre taught not to listen, just to look for signs of anxiety, depression etc. and just treat the symptoms I am compiling a facebook page in which I WILL expose the Campbell house crisis team as they too put awful destructive lies in my notes. And the consequences? two abducted children remained abducted and abused a loss which has yet to be recognised a grief which has yet to be validated a career ruined a family lost friends lost years of asking for help and getting nothing but pills and a nod and a tap no wonder so many people are off sick for so long when theyre not listening. My story is on facebook, my name is Amanda Bowes-Shorten and its been nigh on almost 19 years of hell, so you will pardon me if I name names and post photocopies of their lies, I don't care if they prosecute, maybe then they will take me seriously. thanks for reading and maybe the author of this article will get some kind of satisfaction, take care Mandy x
What? first of all Amanda I don't consider myself working class, I am middle class. 'Working class and middle class,' people are complaining about the same things. Secondly, health professionals are human beings and you cannot associate working class people with social, personal or family problems. Every one has them. Also you are being insulting in saying that all working class people are problematic- complete rubbish, your 'class' does not define your status etc. You do not have to remain in the same position you were born in. There are plenty of opportunities in life and there always have been to improve your life, it is actually illegal for mental health services to oppress people, and we should not accept it. You don't have to be from the same social class as another person to sympathise with them, and it is their job and if they cannot do this they are incapable of fulfilling their responsibilities, and should give up their role to someone else. Just because you are 'working class' as you put it, does not mean you should be treated any worse. There is no shame in being working class, there is shame in being a dishonest individual. that's all I can say. 'Professionals have known since the beginning of time antipsychotics cause memory problems, td and all the other labels they use.' It just never reached the masses until now. Mental health was a closed shop and psychiatrists have been under attack, so they need to either defend themselves or admit to it.
please check the link on my facebook page and make sure you copy paste your story on that page, lets get everyone together and blow them out of the water, don't forget my name Amanda Bowes-Shorten ps the link will be on there soon as I work out how to open another facebook page It will be aimed specifically at the Campbell house mental health services and then mental health services around the uk, so be patient, maybe check out what happened to me on my original page but take care, its a tragic story with no happy ending...Im 61 and it don't get any better
ps I will put a link to this on my facebook page