The hell that is diazepam withdrawal


If you've just received the Mental Healthy newsletter and missed my regular blog entry within it -- I'll share a secret with you.   I'm in diazepam withdrawal ... AGAIN!    For 8 years now psychiatrists have been trying to withdraw me from the highly addictive benzo and there've been two suicide attempts along the way.

Well I'm down from 10mg to 2.5mg as things stand -- for the past two weeks I've been on two and suffering severe generalised anxiety, paranoia, depersonalisation, derealisation and panic attacks and feeling extremely low in the evenings -- and because I felt suicidal last night my NHS keyworker has increased the diazepam from 2mg to 2.5mg as a compromise from the 3 that I was taking before.

Now anyone who's been on the drug, or any professional, will know that there is no such dose as 2.5mg ... or 3mg.  So how am I taking that?  Well it's 1.5 x 2mg or 1/2 a 5mg.   The next move will be liquids as diazepam is available in a solution of 2mg/5ml -- essential for us long-term addicts!

Man suffering anxiety attack

The most suicidal and biggest panic attacks I've ever had

It angers me when I think back to 2003 and my first acute psychotic episode.    There was no early intervention in psychosis then, there were no crisis teams -- I was presenting with prodromal phase symptoms of schizophrenia for some months before a psychiatrist treating me for depression decided to put me on 2mg of risperidone, an anti-psychotic.   Having a chief hospital pharmacist for a dad is a mixed blessing -- I looked up the drug, told everyone: "I'm not psychotic" and refused to take it.  Nobody intervened for several months later until I was sectioned. My mum is a medically retired A&E ward sister too ... not unaccustomed to people walking through her ward entrance with psychosis!  Because the background to my psychosis is that the BBC vets all of its journalists for political leanings and this is a fact, and because it's been in several newspapers and books that MI5 used to do this vetting on the BBC's behalf, my family believed me, my friends believed me, even my NHS clinical psychologist believed me -- although he did warn me "be careful what you publish -- these are powerful people!"

So - the worst panic attack -- well I've had to get off trains in the wilderness because I've thought I was dying and got stuck in lifts but nothing prepared me for a panic attack induced by benzos.  Well stricly speaking it was an epilespy medication unlicensed for psychiatric use called clonzepam which triggered off my worse ever panic attack -- requiring a hospital visit -- in 2004.  It was the abrupt cold turkey off this drug that did it.  I'd been sectioned six months previously and put on a cocktail of psychiatric drugs, all without my consent and with no knowledge of what drugs I was taking, and I was also titrated (tapered) onto a high dose of 6mg risperidone in just three days (2mg, 4mg, 6mg).   This isn't something anyone could cope with without other medication as the akathisia (restless agitation) is so severe so I needed a tranquiliser.   Clonazepam was the drug of choice -- it's fast acting and very powerful and sedating.

Unable to cope without the drug I'd been addicted to for 6 months, my psychiatrist substituted diazepam.  My dad explained: "With its much longer half-life [the time it takes the level of the drug in your blood to fall by half] diazepam will be much easier to withdraw from and it can be done gradually".   I started on 10mg.   Then 8.  Then 5.  Then 3.  Then cold turkey.  Then two suicide attempts within 24 hours, one in hospital.

Fast forward 8 years and I'm still not off the darned drug!

Every time -- and it's never by my choice -- the NHS reduces my diazepam I get crippling panic attacks, generalised anxiety, low mood, paranoia, and ultimately become suicidal -- as last night.   Then we have to put the dose back up a bit again, and it defeats the whole object of reduction.  Indeed I hadn't taken a single dose of PRN (additional/emergency) diazepam since 1st June this year until last night, until suddenly I needed half a 5mg tablet to control the suicidal ideation (thoughts and feelings).  These were strong, and although I've been struggling to cope lately anyway, it was obvious that the root of the problem was diazepam.  It's no wonder it's a controlled Class C drug -- schedule 4 -- and that the NHS are so keen to get me off it.

The Ashton Manual - definitive handbook on diazepam

Some years ago I bought a copy of The Ashton Manual by Professor Heather Ashton -- the definitive guide to benzo withdrawal.  There is nothing so helpful or so complete on the market, and I will link to it at the bottom of this paragraph.  It's now available free as webpages online and if you're in withdrawal, or considering it, it's well worth reading.   It will scare you -- but you need to be prepared.   I'm only on a small dose and look at the effects it's having on me.  What if you are on a high dose -- the British National Forumarly says guidelines for anxiety disorders allow a usual dose of 15-30mg per day.  I'm on 2.5mg!!! I know someone who took 10 x 10mg a day and took a decade to withdraw.

So what exactly is the range of withdrawal symptoms?

Well it's a very personal thing and varies from benzo to benzo but, taken from the Ashton manual, the list of individual symptoms includes the following:

  • Insomnia, nightmare, sleep disturbances
  • Intrusive memories
  • Panic attacks
  • Generalised anxiety, panics and phobias
  • Sensory hypersensitivity
  • Depersonalisation/derealisation
  • Hallucinations, illusions, peceptual distortions
  • Depression, aggression, obsessions
  • Muscle symptoms and bodily sensations
  • Problems with heart and lungs, digestion, immune system, endocrine problems
  • Fits and convulsions

This always reminds me of the warning in the patient information leaflet (PIL) about my anti-psychotic medication: "May cause sudden unexplained death".  Well diazepam has nearly caused me highly explained death on many occasions now, including last night.

Watch Professor Ashton on benzo withdrawals

Other help available for benzodiazepine addiction/withdrawal

There are an increasing number of sites targeting people suffering from benzo addiction, such as:

I cannot vouch for any of these resources and neither can Mental Healthy and you must check out any advice contained within with your medical professionals before acting on them.

Good luck!

If you're in the same situation as me, and are addicted to benzos, don't despair - I know lots of people who have shown great courage and determination and who have succesfully managed it.  But a decision was taken by my consultant to leave me on 3mg until now as this prevents all these symptoms and helps to prevent suicidal ideation and intent.  A disclaimer here - diazepam does not cause people to become suicidal, but it is used as a treatment to mask those feelings.   Clonzepam does have "suicidal ideation" listed under cautions in the BNF -- and this is what happened to me.

I don't know how long it's been public that Prozac (fluoxetine) causes suicidal ideation but I knew in 1993 because my pharmacist dad told me and stopped me taking it.   In the end, the result of not taking an antidepressant was that I became suicidal eventually anyway, so these things have to be looked at with balance and seen in context, but psychiatric drugs are powerful and dangerous and many psychiatrists have a cavalier attitude to prescribing as many of them as like to patients on sections without informed consent and with no regard to the future consequences.


The best account I've ever read, thanks so much! Very good luck mate, stick at it, you'll get there, please keep us updated

Thanks so much for your kindness and support mate.  I wish everyone trying to withdraw from benzos who reads this the best of luck too.


Been trying to come of 2mg Diazapam.....even 2mg is a nightmare to taper. These drugs should be banned.
Hope u all the best,I no withdrawal iwas put on 190mg as a teenager a day&shave been on them since,I'm now 45&still on 40 mg a day,.Doctors have tapered me over the years getting sectioned twice losing nearly everything.,also doctors tried cold turkey when I had a massive addiction.nearly killing me?? Is there ANY help.
I thought I was suicidal until I realised it was the benzos making me feel that way! It wasnt' till 30+ years later (4 weeks ago) that I came off them them and realised I'd been cheated of my life all that time! Good luck on your venture. Wishing you a great recovery - you will get off them by hook or by crook in your own time. Trust me it'll be worth it!!

I'm so sorry I've only just noticed your kind reply whilst replying to a newer blog.

That's so awful that the benzos made you suicidal and 30 years is such a long time to be addicted to them.

Well done for coming off them.  That is amazing.    I have had to stop withdrawing for the time being because of the acute distress the diazepam withdrawal was causing me and the need for PRNs to stop suicidal thoughts and paranoia, but I hopefully one day I will be strong enough to continue withdrawal.


Oh my god! I''ve been on Valium for 13 years, now around minimum 20 mgs a day, sometimes double that! I cannot imagine how I will be able to eventually get off them. I had an intense anxiety condition BEFORE I went on them and they were the magic bullet, but I'm now anxious all the time unless I'm on them...virtually.. What IS your secret????? PS. Well done!!!!!!! :-) Alia x
Hi, I would like to ask if you are still taking antipsychotics and whether you have any plans to withdraw from them or have tried to withdraw? Thanks.

Hi there.   I'm still taking both diazepam and my antipsychotic -- in the light of a recent study about diazepam possibly causing dementia, I plan to have another go at a very slow controlled withdrawal, but have no plans to withdraw from my antipsychotic.

There is a worrying phenomenon called "rebound psychosis" which often occurs when withdrawing from antipsychotics which causes, for many people, a worse psychotic episode than that which they were first treated for.  I know of two people who've been through rebound psychosis, and both ended up in hospital and back on medication.

Withdrawal can be done with a supervised withdrawal programme for some people who are genuinely in recovery, such as when symptoms "burn out with age".  But it is something you should only do in conjunction with your medical team and with close monitoring, and for many people I know antipsychotics are for life.  I suspect I am one.   Medication is an important tool in managing symptoms and preventing relapse and I think I will always take it.

Take care and thanks for commenting,


I have been taking diazepam for 38 years. I'm 62 now. I went through the absolute HELL of a slow withdrawal after about 24 years of taking them at a dose of around 12 mg's a day. The cutting down started and lasted almost a year, my life was a nightmare. After I stopped them, I was still in a terrible state. Another 6 months went by and my life was still sheer terror every day. Eventually my doctor , having tried so many medications to help me, managed to give me an anti psychotic which poisened me and I ended up in hospital. I then got severe depression and suicidal. I was put back on a low dose of diazepam and my life resumed again, apart from the depression. I have now been totally agoraphobic for at least 12 years, my life is just an existance. I don't have panic or all the other terrible things that came when I didn't have diazepam. I'm just thankful for that. I moved home and my new doctor has said that I must come off diazepam, I told him that if he did that, he might as well write my death certificate at the same time. I could never go through that HELL again, NEVER. I now feel the threat of that hanging over me. I am ok for now but I only take 8mg's a day. Why at my age do they think they can do this to me? My memory is fine, I teach English on the internet. Wiuh me luck please, I'll never allow myself to go through the horror of even reducing them again. I'd rather die.
i read your comments and it made me cry. iv was addicted to tramadol pain killers for about 6 years im not blaming the doctors but i could phone up for a script and get them easily.i could take 20 in one go.not knowing that thhey were as strong as heroin. i suffered withdrawl symptons the same as some one whom was on heroin.i know im easily addicted to drugs because then i got into speed iwas addicted to that for 9 years when i went to the doctors for help i was told there was nothing they could give me so for 7 months i went through hell trying to get of it which i did but i asked the doctors if i could get valium to help me they said no way, i feel as if i am just crawling through life day after day,the panic attacks i take are horrendous i feel suicidal every day if it wasnt for the fact that i wouldnt do it right and have the embarrisment to face my family i would do it,i feel the doctors are just fed up with me but all im asking for is a controlled detox with diazepam but they just say youv got to have the will power to do it myself.i know its my own fault for getting into this hell hole but all i want is a drug free life.i hope your life gets better for you take care love janet xxx
I'm tapering now..have been for a year 67 years old. How are you now? Your post was in 2013. How have you been doing on 8mg a day? No signs of tolerance? (meaning your body will start demanding more of the Valium after it is on it for happens to all eventually. I hope somehow this hasn't happened to you. I was given klonopin ( poly medicated with differing ssri's over the years and pulled off cold turkey from them all.) since I was 40 years old...did fine until age 58 and suddenly heart palpatations and panic...did not realize that was tolerance (nor did the 5 useless doctors I went to for help. BEWARE most Doctors are clueless about Benzos or tapering off of them or the signs and symptoms of the Benzos affecting your health.) Suffered for almost 10 years, was given Lorazepam and pulled off cold turkey and went into severe withdrawal...Doctor would not believe me and wanted me on an SSRI!!! I refused, told her she was ignorant and walked out and got on Valium 10mg via another doctor. I've been tapering (dry cutting the pills) for about a year and am down to 1mg! This will be the rough part...the lower you cut, seemingly the harder the symptoms...Insomnia, shaking, panic attacks, suicidal ideation etc etc. BUT I WILL succeed. I don't want to be 68 and having tolerance!! You should look into a very slow liquid taper. I'm afraid tolerance will raise it's ugly head for you. Wishing you best of luck!
I'm 45&been on diazepam 28years on huge amounts going to hell&aback trying to come off but the doctors have me at 40mg a day which just stops the crazy as far as I'm concerned&hi will not go through that hell again!!!
No chemical is stronger than the human will power. Dr. Ashton manual is the way to go, it worked for me and many other people. Slow tapering is essential but what I found to be greatest help is understanding and support within the family (parents, spouse...) because there is a long period of inability to function normally, meaning social life, work and even simple things like going to a grocery store or leaving house at all. This might last from 3 to 6 months and in some cases up to a year, depending on dosage and the length of usage. I have been tapering Valium for about 6 months and completely stopped about month ago. During my tapering period many withdrawal symptoms appeared but I was unable to recognize what was going on. Only when I stopped Valium totally I was able to connect the dots and understand what was going on for months regarding my health issues. I was using it for about 10 years and my dosage was 15 mg a day. Most important thing to know is that Dr. Ashton is right and as the time goes by there are gradually more good days than the bad ones. Interesting thing is that during all this suffering I was going through, I never even had a thought of taking the drug again to ease my symptoms of withdrawal. Good luck to everyone who struggles with this evil drug and never forget it is possible to stop and get your life back. PS. My wife just told me how I am slowly becoming myself again as I was always witty and funny person until I took the damn drug which made me zombie with no will or feelings whatsoever.
Your post is totally inspirational so thank you ! I've tapered from 15mgs Valium to 4mgs. I've also stopped taking Prozac, which made me suicidal and on several occasions nearly lost my life as a result. My main withdrawal symptom is panic attacks and monophobia. I am determined to be drug free. I so agree that Valium and other benzodiazepines cause such tiredness and foggy brain that one cannot function and I deeply regret my 15 years of addiction.Thanks to an understanding GP I now stand a real chance of getting off psych meds. I think a determined mind set definitely helps. All the best for the future.
I have bpd with pretty much all the symptoms, mainly PTSD. The list is endless! I have been having treatment since I was 17, (I am now 36) from secondary mental health services. Until Jan of this yr when told by a new cpn (a manager) I would be discharged from services because of cutbacks, well that was one of the reasons! The care plan says I refuse to get better! This should make me laugh! I just want to cyr and die! After all those years of recieving treatment going to different groups, massive amounts of cbt, dbt, compassionate minds. Mindfullness, anything and everything offered I went into, knowing I would give 200%, trying my damdest to cope with life. To get better. Now according to a woman who refused to read my notes I have no help. No way back into the secondary mental health service. Intensely savage thoughts and a mind that is getting more desperate and unhinged by the day. This cpn provoked me to self harm, whilst on 1 of our first home visits together. Even after obvious distress and me bluntly askin her to stop talkin, because it's those thoughts that trigger my self harm and suicidal tendencies, She still left me self harming with only my youngest daughter in the house. She witness what my cpn triggered and said to my 13yr old if you have an emergency, here's a number to call. If that wasn't an emergency I dont know what is! before that apointment I had only seen her as my cpn twice befor. She provokes me and is intimidating. She put me in contact with a voluntary org, rethink. My support worker is ok but refuses to do any clinical work with me so as not to affect our relationship or practicle therapy's. my desperate problem now is trying to help the help and treatments I need in order for me to live. I cannot access the service now, because of this cpn and the incident that occurred, despite a referal from my gp, who I feel does not understand the depths of my mental illness. That got me nowhere except deeper into my chaotic and uncontrollable mind. I was sent a letter saying I was not in need of services at this time. I was referred a second time by social services and support teachers from my daughters school, as my slow but inevitable deteriorating mental health was having a knock on effect to her. That got me a 15 minute apointment that has caused me more harm than good. (Last week I was very nearly hit by a fast oncoming car I was uncontrollably impulsed to walk into the headlights) please help me. I want to hurt myself. I feel I hurt other's who love me. I have already lost 1 daughter because of my mental health. I am losing my other now. I believe I should not be here to hurt them. I dont usually come onto things like this. I am not good with people and I get scared and confused very easily. I have trouble explaining myself to other's. I fear judgement and rejection. I dont trust any1 until I really know them, but I have severe agraphobia so getting out to meet new people, and then for them to accept me as I am, well it's pretty impossible and I lead a very lonely life. Last yr I was having emdr it was very hard but I had a good care team and was able to tackle some of my most re occurring flashbacks and nightmares. I managed with other people's help, mainly my family, to get out more. I started smiling again. The therapy worked but it really only just touched the sufface. My young life was filled with abuse of all kinds, torture, starvation etc etc.. So inevitably when I was deemed 'well' and 'no longer needed the service' it all stopped. I have been without the help I need, and feel almost guilty of needing it, for nearly 6months. I am severly suical and am planning and acting on it again. I am compulsively self harming. I am getting sicker, slowly killing myself and destroying my family. I want to live. I want to get better. I need to keep hope but since this cpn came into my life it's like it's gone. I feel because of her intense dislike of me brought about by the incident that left me pulling clumps of my hair out from the scalp by the handfulls, a habit that occurs when extremely stressed ( I shouted at her! ..told her to shut up and that she was a stupid woman) I know this behaviour isn't right. I am not ever violent with anybody but myself. It is me I hate. But this woman proked this incident which lead to severe self harming and me needing treatment, and because of this I think she is refusing me any help. She is the manager and my gp and support worker have both said they can not do anything to get her to change her mind. The last meeting lasted 15minutes I was aked a handful of questions my support worker hardly said anything, except she can't do clinical work. My 24hr care giver was practically ignored. I was told a decision would be made within the team. The 'team' decided not to help me. Giving some crap explanation, that looks good on paper, using life's stresses as the reason for my deterioration. I need help. I am getting worse and I feel if I dont get any help soon I wont be here much longer... Have you got any solutions or advice please??????? I am sorry I dont know if I am allowed to write this on here ...I really am desperate. Thank you, my name is liz.
Liz hope things have picked up- unfortunately the mental health teams/crisis teams really dont seem to give a damn- hence me leaving my mental health nursing training back in 2007. Liz all I can say is if Your feeling suicidal call the samaritans they are great and I find them better than any MHP, alternatively go to Casualty and back to Your GP , its a drag, pain and why bother thought but attend regards anon
My names graham. i was on temazepam.for 19 years an it was killing me. ive been on diazepam for a year now but my gp is going to reduce me to zero. The panic attacks and nausea are terrible. vomiting is my biggest.fear in life. i just want to kill myself. i cant go out or drive my car. cant take my little boy anywhere. i get off them but i think its so unfair that my gp has other patients on a regular dose yet i am to be lowered to zero. wheres the duty of care. do i go looking to buy them on the streets. buying online is iffy as you dont know what your getting. i just dont know what to do. i can see me buying an imitation gun and pointing it at.the police. suicide by cop. job done thats how bad its gunna get. on 10mg a day but even thats not enough. surely.theres help out there.
Why are you being reduced to zero? You need to find a new doctor. I have depression/psychotic disorder and extreme anxiety and I've been on diazapam for YEARS... Don't let some knucle head take you off! Find another doctor . If they don't care then guess what? THEY DON'T CARE!
Well, what can i say, your 2.5MG is not really working for you anymore is it? You are experiencing and living in tolerance W/D all the time. Even ashton says that you should W/D from 2.5MG diazepam in around 2.5-3 WEEKS! If you are weak personality, then it is your problem, i know it is hard but you have to live with it. I am on 2MG as well right now, but i have reduced 70% in 3 weeks (was on 6MG and higher potent drug)! You have to be strong with benzo withdrawal, you cannot blame all your symptoms on benzo, because while you on benzo you mask your symptoms and they are just simply coming back in amplified. Dont be weak, be strong and heal quickly! :)
Why are you trying to crucify yourself? Get back on the Valium and be happy.
That is cruel, calling another weak!!!! Everyone withdraws and suffers differently. Yes this person is in tolerance and should be tapering. We now KNOW Ashton taper can be waaaaaaaaaaaaay too fast for many people. Don't point the finger when you actually don't have all the answers. Even Ashton states one should not allow anyone to rush them along in their taper, go slow, but keep don't want to go into tolerance. Go down slowly as is comfortable. If you have a knowledgeable Doctor get them to put you on and Liquid Taper and then the 'cuts' will be smaller and allow your brain to adjust with each lowering of the drug. best wishes
Hi, I am glad you included info from Dr Ashton. I have had recurrent thoughts from the past and didn't realise this was a symptom related to my withdrawal. It is also helpful to read the physical list as I have had sweats and palpatations and wasn't sure why. I am 'used to' dissasociation as I have Disassociative Identity Disorder. I'm not sure my GP understands the impact this has on my withdrawal process. I was given a drug called Mogadon for many years as a child as a form of sedation while I was being abused. I now understand that many of the times I thought I was going mad as a primary school kid I was actually just going through Benzo withdrawal without tapering or support; in fact I was not just lacking support I was in a dangerous environment. However, due to the withdrawal even safe places like school became terrifying. I have successfully come down from 4 valium ( 5mgs) to 1 per day. I am determined to kick it altogether. Thanks for your web page :)
Awful just awful I hav been on 10 mg a day since my daughter was born 3an half yrs ago and I'm suffering everyday of my life and its killing me the thoughts that it could b affecting my child! I'm a single mum and the big question 4me is, is it gona b worth coming of them! I'm very weak minded dew 2alot of stress and responsability throughout my hole life! I think or rather I no I wil hav a breakdown an lose my child! I would nvr want her 2c me suffer lik I would as iv seen it 1st hand with my mum! Do I live the rest of my life like this I'm alredy suFfering memory loose an falling everytime I hav a drink my bones are killing me and I can't look people in the eye I'm terrified of everything!! I'm always tired and always want 2hide away from the world everyday I'm so ill and depressed! I don't no wat 2do I'm only 33 and live lik a penisioner with no friends or social life! I want better 4my child! I always feel sick with tremors an 10mg a day aren't doin it 4me anymore so I juggle with the odd 1s I'm givin! Its destroyed my life! I may aswel say I'm in withdrawal as that's wat it feels lik everyday! And I don't wana b takin anymore an make it worse! Wat do I do?
Hey. I have been tapering off for over 6 months and have nowbeen off completely for 7 days. Have had all the typical symptoms and have regularly broken down in tears of despair and helplesness. I can only recommend a very slow taper and perhaps with some other meds to help get off this drug from hell. I am on an antidepressant and a betablocker which I think have really possible to get off this benzo. I am on the home straight now but will stoll probably have symptoms for months. I have a wife and adult children but have tried to hide my symptoms as much as I can from them. I really feel for you and urge you to seek professional help if possible or at lest some free support groups of others who have the same problem. I started on serepax, a sister drug of valium and it was nasty. I tried to get off it but it was very difficult and changed doctors who the put me on valium as it was an easier path to get off...but still a slow path, it made it alot easier as far as sympom wise to get off. every few weeks I read medical sites to help me understand that the feelings and pain etc are all grom the drug. I often read users posts and often end up cyring as I know exactly what others are going through. I am a male from australia aged 46. I have other conditions like ibs and chronic headaches, migranes and depression. Although I hide alot, especially to the kids, I have a supportive family and that really makes a difference. My friends also support me and understand that I have bad days and try and help out. Its been a long and difficult journey, I have had sharp pains in my head, joints and muscles, twitching, tremors, shakibg, nightly heart palpatations of around 100 per night, bad headaches and migraines, diareah, nausea and vomiting, restless legs, insomnia, anxiety, blurry and itchy eyes, eyes totally going out of focus for minutes at a time, double vision (very scary) wheezing, chest tichtness an chest pain, bad taste in my mouth and probably more that icant think of now. I think many people experience these sort of symptoms and I just want to say...stick to a slow withdrawl taper but get support from friends, family and support groups. See a different doctor if your current one isnt helping or atleast read sites like this as they help remind me that we are not alone. Many millions of people are suffering because of doctors handing out powerful drugs like lollies and allow it to continue endlessly. please dont loose hope, there are people who do care and who want to help, you just may need to look for the right people and you are not alon. Good luck to you... Don
Hi there I just read your comment. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I said a prayer for you and asked Jesus to put his hand on you and heal you. May he bless your little girl.
i was on 84 10mgs a wk for like 2mth (thats 3 every 4hrs) then they started halfin the amount wkly last doze was 14 10mgs last wk and so far am on day 5 and feel fine.they were mad made me agressive.oh well all over with now.
I was on diazepam for 12years and was taken of them and now I have a weird feeling in my head since November when will it stop
I am struggling with what i think is paranoid schitzophrenia I feel everyone is out to get me even that my wife's planning my murder and that ppl are watching me on trains the paranoia has escalated since my first psychotic attack to the extent I'm scared to go anywhere or even be round ppl I know. My doc prescribed me respirone 1 mg these have not helped so he has upped me to 2mg twice a day. What he don't know is only thing stopping me topping myself is the fact I'm self medicating with Valium but I'm taking about 100mg sum times 150 to feel normal. I'm petrified feel like I'm being haunted by the devil and my death is near. hElp plz I'm billy btw
Im in the same situiation GP wont prescribe me but gave me 200 mgs of setreline and 30mgs of metrazipam. Nothing helps longest Ive went is 7 months and still getting panick attacks.. Then you end up getting 1000 to just get through the weeks. Ive came of Coke, Methadone, Herion but Valium is far worse..^
Billy wtf. Calm down lad. I was an idiot i thought it would be ok to self medicate, i started on msj's 1000 5mg for £120 delivers to your door. I got on them 10 a day 3 3 4 during the day i then lost my supplier went fru alot but was ok after 4 weeks. I then 4 months ago started them again like a numpty before i knew it i was doing them everyday and 3 months had passed. I knew i was in trouble. 13 days ago i cut a 10ml into half 5ml and did that for 9 days i am now on 1/4 of a 10ml my 4th going into 5th if my chest didnt feel like it was gunna cave in and the sicky feeling id be fine. I just worry about my chest and paranoia as i done crack back in 2001/2 i lost my hair and my paranoia got that bad one night i went to bed n see i cant touch this ever again or ill end up dead. I stopped and was only 21 i then was on methadone for 9 months went to prison i didnt tell them and done the worst cold turkey off my life as i said its my 5th day on 2.5 i wernt going to take abit but ive had to my chest feels almost perfect now took it 1 hour ago. IM gunna do this on 2.5 for another few days then cut that in half ill keep u updated wonder how all above got on Espec the 33 yo women i know how u feel living like an old person.
I am a 41 year old, who had managed to hold down a job all my life until recently. I am on 48.5 mg, of Diazepam going through depersonalisation, panic attacks ( which I originally suffered from). The panic attacks I am experiencing on my taper at 1.5 mg every week are just unbearable! Just trying to negotiate a slower taper rate, as I have diarrhoea, headaches, whole body burning sensations. Feel like the floor is swaying underneath me etc, during these attacks, like the ones I was experiencing at their very worst, when I first began having them 20 years ago. Back then, they first started me on low dose Xanax (Alprazalam), which led to Claonazepam, which only took me 14 months before I went into withdrawal from that. The health system just kept increasing my dosage, as your body becomes immune to it and goes into withdrawal. I have at least got down from 70mgs, but the taper is just way too fast. Back then they didn't know how addictive it was and should only be used for 2 -3 weeks. Man I feel furious about how my case has been handled over the years ( I guess they didn't know any better).
Whoever submitted the last two comments obviously just wants to sell valium to some desperate people. I too am suffering horrendous withdrawal. The worst symptoms are the terrible crippling panic and insomnia. To make it worse I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and prescribed levothyroxine to balance out the level of thyroxin produced by my thyroid. I was coming off valium and managing the tapering off, then a few weeks ago the panic really set in. After a couple of weeks of complete torture I finally gave in and took 20mg within 24 hours and drank a few bottles of beer. In the past this much booze and valuim would have quite literally knocked me out, but this time it just made me feel a bit drowsy and a bit - not very - drunk. I dont know whether this is because I now need much more valium than ever to achieve the same effects, or because I have more thyroid problems, and my dosage of the thyroid drug - levothyroxine needs to be adjusted. I am thinking this because the symptoms of taking too much levothyroxine are the same as valium withdrawal. So I really dont know what is going on! I went to see my Dr last week, and asked for another blood test to see if my thyroxin levels are as they should be or if they have gone too high, and maybe I should come off levothyroxine. I have had the blood test, and the other day got a letter from my Dr asking me to come in to discuss the results. I also have a small pituitary tumor, which was treated twenty years ago succesfully, but now seems to be causing symptons again. My prolactin levels have rocketed - which is a sympton of the kind of tumor I have. I am also going for an MRI brain scan next week to check to see if the tumor has grown again. A pituitary tumor can also cause thyroid problems, as the thyroid and the pituitary are in the group of glands which form the endocrine system. I am really panicking, as I dont really know whats making me feel so bad, and I really dont want to tell the Dr I am still taking valium. If I do I wont get my driving licence back, and for me this is a big priority. I have to see what the Dr says about my blood tests - in the meantime, I am just trying to survive, and hoping maybe it is the Levothyroxine making me feel so bad and if I come off it, the valium withdrawal wont be totally unmanagable.
I'm in a bit of a state, my reduced listing is Diazepam 30mg a day, was up to 80 a few weeks ago 20mg 2x1 a day of MST Continus - was on 4x10mg a day 4500mg of methocarbamol a day 8x750mg propronlol 2x40mg a day as compromise to cut the Morphine on 4 x 30mg DHC daily. Next day am on Exactly same except- 20mg 2x1 Sevredol, was on 4x10mg a day So at worst I was on 4x10mg of MST continus 4 x 10mg sevredol between 12-30mg diazepam a day before that was on oxazepam and before that the z-drugs was on, and offically still am 6x500/30 co-codomal a day for about 5 years, with spells with dhc and tramadol mixed in. On top of all that at night I take a few of the following Nitrazepam lorazepam alprazam clonazepam!!!!! So things not good!!!!, plus having to hide it from partner. Started in last 2 weeks plugging 10-20mg of the morphine as well. I am improving but need serious help. Luckily it has only been about 2 months properly, but don't know how to get off it. Anon
For anyone struggling with benzo withdrawals, please try Valerian Root pills. I felt I was losing my mind on the withdrawals and had massive panic attacks and insomnia and ruminating thoughts that would drive me nuts. But valerian root helped with the symptoms. It's a natural sedative that's not addictive.
I was on 90mg a day for years and worked my way down to the 2mg pills over a year. You need to have a doctor who can prescribe liquid diazepam for you when it gets to that level, move from 2 to 1.9, to 1.8, to 1.7 etc Take as long as you feel necessary between each drop, you can even try and experiment your drops within the half life window of opportunity that diazepam has, if you feel anxious during an experiment you know your not ready, go back to the drop level you had before and continue your slow drop. Remember, do it very slowly, don't feel pressurised into giving it up quickly, spend a couple of months even per drop of 0.1 mg. Its amazing the change you will feel in yourself, like you've rid yourself of the shackles that have held you down for so long. However, what i have said above is far from easy, you need to have something that will rid you of the psychological addiction and associated insomnia and anxiety that you will feel during your withdrawal, there is only one drug that will help and that is Mitrazapine, it works, no discussion necessary. Mitrazapine itself has a slow withdrawal process but if you can come off Diazepam then Mitrazipine is a walk in the park. Good luck, you can do it !
Can anyone help me please I'm at my wits end! My 30yr old son has been on diazepam for year's after being prescribed this to cope with withdrawl symptoms from codine which was prescribed for a back injury he's also on subutex for the codine. He's gone through hell, been in trouble with police for violence when he's been turkeying and also when he's brought "diazepam"online which is definitely NOT RECOMMENDED! As they made him like a maniac, who could have hurt or killed someone, SO A LITTLE MESSAGE FOR THE IDIOT WHO PUT A LINK ON HERE TO BUY THEM THIS SITE SHOULD BE FOR GENUINE HELP AND DISCUSSIONS NOT TO HELP THEM HURT THEMSELVES OR OTHER PEOPLE! .OK back to my son's problems his drug worker and mental health doctor have stopped his diazepam script he's a absolute mess what can i do he's
I only drink decaf coffee now that is starting to help and just have started trying melatonin supplement before bed time, it is helping a bit to fall asleep, doing things to build mental toughness also helps, I hope this is over with soon is all I have to say. I probably used the med for the wrong reasons to relax and was taking the g dose, more than two a day.
Below are some of the common withdrawal symptoms that you may experience when you stop taking Valium. Keep in mind that your reaction may be different than someone else s. In other words, you may experience a couple symptoms, nothing much, or more symptoms than are even included below.
So sorry you're going through this. Diazepam is terrible. The symptoms of this withdrawal are a lot like the symptoms of heroin withdrawal.
been prescribed diazepam roughly 30 years my first prescription was 25 10mg a day I was a bodybuilder at the time & didnt know a thing about drugs I now am down to 30 mg daily but beleive my pshciatrist just tried to drop my dosage without telling me I TOTTALY LOST THE PLOT ,RAGE , thought i was having a heart attack , & am really close to suicide HELP.
are you ok? you should go to a hospital and tell right away....
I wish I never took valium...a stupid coworker gave me some when I made the serious mistake of mentioning I was dealing with depression/anxiety. My Dr kept me on it for over two years and made the mistake of taking myself off of it and then my Dr assumed I was taking it and then gave me xanax. I then started getting depressed and then made the mistake of listening to his old senile receptionist offer new a later appt that day when I already was planning on a morning one. I started going through withdrawals and my Dr gave me a dangerous combo of pills and my fiance demanded I keep taking them. I pray for death.
I was given this during a period of anxiety post op. I started using it to sleep at night. Nobody told me what it would do to me and i cannot get off the 5mg t night. Sometimes i need 1mg in daytime. Tried to use sertraline but the anxiety was so huge i was taking mor diazepam to control it so stopped that. Back to original problem. Psych services dont seem to want to know, they just dole out anti deps which make me ill. What can i do to help next.
I c/t'd off 5 mg of Valium which I used for a sleep aid for 7 years The first six months was quite challenging however I did heal by 9-10 months off. Eating healthy, sleep and exercise helped me expedite Valium healing. These pills are poison and they should never be prescribed. DO NOT TAKE VALIUM OR ANY BENZO!!!
Were u ever in tolerance withdrawal before you jumped? What symptoms did you have if any? I'm CT off 5mg of valium as well. Email me at [email protected] if you can
I'm in the same position as both of you. Had tolerance w/d before I stopped taking them cold turkey. Cold turkey off 5mg.
what the drugs are used to treat cause. So the disclaimer that benzos do not cause suicidal ideation is nonsense. Also depending how you came off the prozac it can cause one to become suicidal.