To all victims of domestic violence

by Charlotte Fantelli

I wrote a news story this week about the emotional scars of children who witness domestic violence, I also went through an old folder of mine and came across a poem I wrote when I was probably around 13 years old. I'd like to point out it was my step dad who was the perpetrator I refer to as 'daddy' not my real father. It is sad and a little naïve, but thought I'd share it as it was written in the moment with the heart of a kid - please if you are a parent that this speaks to - get help, numbers are below x

Childish whispers

Nightmares shatter childish dreams,

Through the darkness adults scream,

A child whispers 'please no more',

With each bang against the door,

The whispers ring inside my mind,

A child whispers 'I'm scared tonight',

At night I lie with my ear to the floor,

Waiting for the sound of the cutlery drawer,

And the sound of her scream, the sound of a knife,

Waiting for the day that he will end her life.


A child whispers in the darkness,

A child whispers in childish words,

A child whispers in the darkness,

A child whispers for the right to be heard,

Daddy unclench your fists and take the bruises from her face,

Mummy sparkle again, put the home back in this place,

Daddy stop the violence and take the tears from her eyes,

Please listen to my whispers and please just let me cry,


The whispers fade and darkness turns to light,

The fear and the games we play fade into the night,

Childish whispers play inside my mind

Too scared to admit that they are mine!


Please mummy leave him...


A note from all kids to their parents who suffer domestic violence - I think this video posted by permanentmarkergirl on youtube says it all:

Please get help:

National domestic violence helpline: 0808 2000 247


Wow, so sad and inspirational too. I second your sentiments x

Thank you very much for taking the time to tell me x

Hi Charlotte

Your latest blog really moved me – again. You have had such a traumatic and troubled life and when you produce a really powerful blog like this it is difficult to read but it's so wonderful that you are so open and honest and campaign to get help for others in a similar situation.

I know you are now happily married, with a beautiful 4 year old son, a loving mother, and a successful business, and this makes me really proud of you. What you are doing to help others through your own experiences, your journalistic flair and editorial prowess is just amazing.

I hope many people will find this blog on Google and be helped by it, and I know everyone else who reads it will be filled with emotion.

You are a very special person and I really value working for you.

Take care,


Thanks so much, I am really touched by your comments, I know they are felt from the heart and I appreciate them very much.


So powerful, domestic violence is the worst kind of violence as it is in you home, your life, your heart x

Thank you - very true!

Thankyou very much for this, the poem is beautiful and the video also really lovely. I have just been led to this page and am really glad I have. I would like to introduce you to a series of videos I made 2 years ago on domestic abuse, entitled Exploring Domestic Abuse which you and your followers may find helpful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words, really powerful. Penny

Thank you Penny, so very kind of you to share. really powerful stuff, so great that you can be so honest. I will add the link below.

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