Discrimination from the Prime Minister

by Paul Holmes

Well congratulations to our Prime Minister. His attitude this week to sufferers of Tourette’s and  Alzhiemers just demonstrates how this government really sees mentally  disabled people as the lowest in society. A Prime Minister who uses symptoms of a serious condition to insult a political rival can only disgust me.

 His reluctance to show Mrs Thatcher with dementia is also worrying. Its life, many people suffer with it, many people have to get through caring for dementia while money is cut. It’s a natural process of aging, thankfully not all suffer with it, but many do, so why make it into a condition that we should feel shame? We cannot keep living in a world where if we can’t see it won’t be there. We are an aging population and with this comes a responsibility. We must discuss these problems in the open, we must accept these conditions and allow the sufferers not to feel shame. More needs to be done to help those it effects.

 This Government is proving to be a load of bullies, Cameron comparing Balls to a Tourette’s sufferer, Eric Pickles making light of John Prescott suffering from Bulimia and George Osbourne calling Gordon Brown autistic.  It is a disgusting reflection of how the Government thinks and also their attitude towards those who are the most vulnerable in society.

 It is bad enough that financial support is being taken away from disabled people and forced into nonexistent jobs, but to be treated as a joke? It’s disgusting.

 This is the very reason why people who suffer with other conditions do not seek help. They are worried it will go on their medical history or the discrimination that comes with a mental health problem.  The fact that Cameron has chosen two conditions that have very real symptoms that you can see and hear makes this even worse. Why did he do this?

 Unfortunately people who do not live in the real world are constantly being elected to Parliament. I am that this discrimination is just the tip of the iceberg. Discrimination, whether it be racial, homophobic, sexism etc equals ignorance. Our Prime Minister is ignorant, as is the rest of the Government.

It’s a very tragic and worrying time. 


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