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Nomination Tips

Please enter each nominee in just one category only. However an organisation/business and a representative from that organisation can be nominated separately in different categories.

You may nominate yourself, you may nominate someone else. We reserve the right to publish names of nominees, these may appear on or sites of our partners, the shortlist will be made public and will appear in promotional material.

Enter the details correctly. Please ensure website links are working.

Disclose any association with the judges. An association will not rule you out, but will allow us to ensure three impartial judges look at your nomination in the interest of fairness.

Help promote our awards

Please pop this image on your site and link it to

Nominate in the right category. While we reserve the right to switch nominee's entry category, was ask all nominators to be totally familiar with the award categories before nominating.

There are two main boxes for you to write about your nominee's achievements; the first is a 100 word summary, use this to describe the most important points in brief. This will give our judges a great taste of who the nominee is, what they do and why they deserve the award. The second space has an 800 word limit. This is the area you can go into detail about the nominee, their experiences and qualities, as well as the reasons for nominating.

Be concise and clear, stick to points that the judges will be interested in.

Supporting material: there is the option to upload a picture if you feel it will add to the nomination, though this is not essential. There is also space for a web link, this gives you the opportunity to give us access to a website that may enhance the nomination, again this is not essential and every nomination will be assessed on it's own merit.