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Mental Health Hero Award Judges

The Mental Health Hero Awards are brought to you by The brainchild of Charlotte Fantelli, founder and editor of Mental Healthy, Uncovered magazine and the 'Overcome Anxiety Programme', the awards represent the achievements of so many unsung heros in the field of mental health.

'There are three reasons why I have started these awards; firstly I want to recognise the incredible achievements of the people I come into contact with on a daily basis, who never fail to astound me with their compassion and strength. Two, I want to get the media talking about the positive things that are being done in the world of mental health, and three, I want to bring together the pioneers that are changing the minds, lives and future of people with mental illness.'

Each award category will have three judges consisting of one Mental Healthy representative, one of our charity partners and a high profile guest. These are the judges that have been confirmed so far. We hope to bring you more high profile judges in the near future, check back for more details.

Charlotte Fantelli

Charlotte Fantelli is the founder of mental health publisher Fantelli Imprint, responsible for, publisher and editor of Uncovered Magazine the first newsstand glossy that was dedicated to mental health, she is author of 'Overcome Anxiety Programme' and the founder of the 'Mental Health Hero' awards.

After seeing her mother recover from tranquilliser addiction and agoraphobia, Charlotte herself suffered traumatic events that lead to mental ill-health during her teens and early twenties. Now a successful entrepreneur and family woman, Charlotte dedicates her life to helping others with mental health problems and those who have suffered abuse.

Charlotte will be overseeing the judging in all categories and specifically taking the 'Mental Healthy' chair on the 'Professional Hero' award panel.

Marjorie Wallace, CBE

Marjorie Wallace, CBE, founder and chief executive of SANE will be on the judging panel for the 'Community' awards.

Marjorie is highly regarded in the mental health arena, having written the acclaimed articles 'The Forgotten Illness' in the Times in 1986 it has become her life's work to make better the lives of those with mental illness.

Not only has Marjorie founded the national charity SANE, she has also campaigned tirelessly, authored books including 'The Silent Twins' a story of elective mute identical twins that has been made into a film and play, and written and presented BBC documentaries on mental illness including Whose Mind Is It Anyway? And Circles of Madness. Marjorie is one of the strongest influences on government policy on community care and has been central in helping shape the NHS.

Marjorie Wallace comments “It takes enormous reserves of courage to help people through mental ill-health, and even more for anyone experiencing mental illness themselves. Their heroism is too often overlooked, which is why I am so passionate about these awards.”

Dr Andrew McCulloch

Dr Andrew McCulloch, Chief Executive of the Mental Health Foundation will be on the panel of the 'Professional Hero' judges.

Andrew holds a PhD in the Psychology of Old Age from the University of Southampton and is Co-Chair of the Future Vision Coalition, Trustee of the Birmingham Trust for Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Trustee of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, member of the Public Mental Health Strategy Board, member of the Care Quality Commission Mental Health Board, and member of the Mental Health Strategy Board.

Andrew was a senior civil servant in the Department of Health for 16 years and responsible for mental health and learning disability policy from 1992 to 1996. He has spoken and is published widely and he is well respected in the field.

'We are thrilled to have Dr Andrew McCulloch as a judge on these awards, I can think of no finer person to understand what it means to be a Mental Health Hero', comments Charlotte Fantelli.

Andy Bell

Andy Bell is the deputy CEO of The Centre for Mental Health. The Centre for Mental Health aims to help to create a society in which people with mental health problems enjoy equal chances in life to those without.

They focus on criminal justice and employment, including providing workplace training that helps organisations better manage the mental health of their employees, which makes Andy a perfect judge on our 'Business Hero' panel.

Andy is also Co-Media Lead and former Chair of the Mental Health Alliance.

Kath Lovell

Kath Lovell, MD of Emergence, has been involved in many service user involvement initiatives over the years, which draw upon her personal experience of living with a diagnosis of personality disorder and of accessing mental health services.

Emergence mission statement is to make a life changing difference for everyone affected by personality disorders (PD) through support, advice and education. Emergence do a great deal of work that encourages creativity and expression, this is why Kath is such a welcome addition to the 'Creative Hero' judging panel.

In addition to her role with Emergence, Kath is also a trustee of the National Survivor User Network.

Simon Dolan

Simon Dolan is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK today, being recognised as Entrepreneur of the year 2011, he has appeared on The Sunday Times Rich List since 2010. His multi-award winning firm SJD accountancy boasts many accolades including ‘Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For’ - Award 2009 - 2007, Simon knows how to make the wellbeing and satisfaction of his staff a priority.

In 2010 he invested in Uncovered magazine, and partnered Charlotte Fantelli in bringing the first 'Mental Health' glossy to the UK newsstand. Later they translated the format online and have now become It is Simon's financial backing and belief in the project that has ensured it's success. Simon will represent Mental Healthy on the 'Business Hero' judging panel.

Charlotte Fantelli comments 'Simon is a true inspiration to me, he has taught me so much in such a short space of time. Because of his belief in me and his financial backing we have changed the lives of so many people. Without him these awards would not be possible, nor would Mental Healthy exist.'

Liz Lockhart

Liz is Mental Healthy's news editor. Bringing you mental health news from around the globe on a daily basis, Liz is second to none in having her finger on the pulse of latest breakthroughs, research and development, not to mention celebrity mental health and current affairs.

Liz entered the 'mental health' field herself as a service user at the age of 35. Having lived a full and happy life with no idea of what 'mental illness' really was, Liz suffered a series of events that lead to panic disorder and GAD. A three year battle with benzodiazepine addiction ensued, and after fighting to be free from both her addiction and disorders, Liz set about changing the way mental health was treated, starting by educating the doctor that prescribed the pills in the first place.

Since then Liz has raised a family and is an integral part of Fantelli Imprint and Liz finds creative pursuits have helped her so much in her recovery and advocates them in her published works, this is why Liz represents Mental Healthy on the 'Creative Hero' judging panel.

Ian Birch

Ian Birch is Mental Healthy's chief news and features reporter and blogger working directly under Charlotte and Liz. Ian is a magazine and online journalist whose background is working for the BBC, including Radio 4, as a reporter. He’s written for half a dozen mental health magazines and blogs on schizophrenia, mental health stigma and welfare benefits.

Ian has a degree in journalism and has also reported for Sky Radio News and the commercial radio network. He’s been a radio and TV newsreader too and does talking magazines and publications. Ian’s hobbies include local theatre, swimming, walking his adorable dog, reviewing cafes with friends, going to concerts and news and current affairs. He has had personal experience of mental illness since he was 12 and also has ME/CFS.

Ian is a keen activist and works tirelessly with community groups and volunteer organisations to do all he can to improve the lives of people with mental illness. This is why Ian is the perfect person to represent Mental Healthy on the 'Community Hero' award panel.