Mental Healthy articles to be published in Slovenia

Mental Healthy articles to be published in Slovenia

Mental Healthy Press Release 

The Society for Individuals Suffering from Depression and Anxiety Disorders (DAM Society), the biggest NGO tackling anxiety and depressive disorders in Slovenia, have teamed up with Mental Healthy to bring our features to the people of Slovenia.

'We were approached last month by the organisation looking to translate a couple of our features each week into Slovenian and publish them on their website. Of course we agreed. We are delighted that our articles will be available in another language. Teaming up with like minded people to spread important information can only strengthen what we are both trying to achieve.' Comments Charlotte Fantelli Mental Healthy founder

DAM Society was established in 2004. It is a non-profit, humanitarian organization, founded by people who have personal experience of depression and anxiety the organisation is run by volunteers.

The society comments 'it is in our greatest interest to offer all Slovenians the possibility to find, read in their own language, download and educate themselves free of charge on how to successfully deal with and beat these wide-spread psychological problems.'

Since the beginning DAM Society grew quite substantially, acquiring the status of a humanitarian organization in Slovenia and formed self-help groups in the 7 largest cities in the country. Currently the Society have 9 self-help groups, three of them in the capital city Ljubljana with 2,500 registered users. Very impressive for a voluntary organisation that has no government funding.

DAM Society also collaborate with EAAD – European alience against depression, GENDEP as well as the Public Health Ministry and the National Public Health Institute (IVZ).

Despite their networking with many organisations dealing with mental health in the country the Society are still the only one dealing specifically with the most common mental health conditions anxiety disorders and depression.

We are very pleased to be able to offer our features for reproduction as it gives the Society and their members access to material that is still very sparse in Slovenia. Anyone who wishes to know more about the organisation can visit their website on the links above. If you would like to reproduce, use or translate any of our material please contact us here.

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