Less Stress in my World

by Liz Lockhart

Let me tell you a bit about my world.

I just love my job for Uncovered Magazine and consider myself very lucky. Not only do I get to write and research on the subject of mental health, which is very close to my heart, but I get to do it from home.No comuting, no office politics and, if necessary, I can fall straight out of bed and into my sun room which doubles up as my office.

From my desk I look out over my pretty garden and on across the beautiful Welsh countryside, hills and woodland. My garden is full of birds and for the past month or so I have had a 'jay' as a regular visitor to my bird table. He comes about ten times a day and is becoming less timid. When I catch a glimpst of him out of the corner of my eye I just can't resist watching as he feeds.

I am fifty something and the mother of two wonderful daughters and the grandmother of five amazing little boys.Being a grandmother overwhelmed me at first but in a very good way. I was not prepared for the outpouring of love which occurred when I saw my first grandchild.It was the way I felt when I had had my own two children but it's better because as a grandparent you get all the good bits and very little of the hard and sometimes mundane parental bits.

In my thirties I suffered from phobic anxiety, panic disorder and, for a while, agoraphobia. As I started to get better I hoped that one day I might work with mental health in someway. I felt as though that would make the suffering I had experienced have a purpose and now my dream has come true.

When my children were young I worked at anything that would provide the income we needed and suited the hours required for our family life. I hope that my experiences with poor mental health, being a single parent and provider and my background in writing now all come together to make me fully rounded in order to do a great job.


Another example of someone who has overcome their disorders, youre an inspiration. I hope one day I van say the same. Becky x.

Becky - At one point I was in despair and hit rock bottom - if I can come back from that then you can too. Thank you for your positive comment - it means a lot.

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