Back from Dorset via the Severn Bridge

by Liz Lockhart

I've just got back home to Wales from Dorset. I went away for 4 days to do some IT training for work but was able to incorporate some time with my amazing grandson, daughter and son-in-law.

I wanted to share my joy of achievement with you. I was agoraphobic for a while many years ago but still have difficulty accomplishing certain things. Since I was a child I have been uneasy about going over large bridges and when my anxiety disorder took hold just the thought of the Severn Bridge turned me into a quivering mess. Today I crossed it all on my own with a smile on my face - no - I didn't look over the edge and I concentrated on the road ahead but I did it. I have had to get used to the crossing since I moved to Wales three years ago.The first few times were a nightmare. I felt sick, shook and got quite sweaty but with practice and the love of my family waiting on the other side I had to do it and now it's really quite easy.

I don't think I will ever cross that bridge without feeling a huge sence of smug satisfaction but it feels really good.


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