Valuable new resource available for men with eating disorders

Valuable new resource available for men with eating disorders

By Nick Watts

Men with eating disorders, their carers’, friends and professionals working in the field will benefit from a new book to fill the void market that is literature aimed towards men with eating disorders.

‘Becoming John: Anorexia’s not just for girls’ is a powerful account of one man’s struggle with anorexia, based largely on a diary he kept while he was an inpatient in an eating disorders unit.

Using this diary as a basis, John Evans, author of Becoming John looks back at his 12 year battle with anorexia, describing in great detail the anguish and emptiness anorexia can bring to someone’s life while focusing on the process of recovery and the normality that can be achieved through perseverance and the determination to recover.

Author John Evans says;

“I had the idea for "Becoming John: Anorexia's Not Just For Girls" during my second inpatient admission for my eating disorder.  I had been suffering from Anorexia Nervosa for twelve years and I had never found a first-person account written from the male perspective, something I felt there was a genuine need for.  I believe that sharing my story has helped my own recovery immensely and I hope that anyone who reads it will take something from it, whether it be an insight into an illness that they know little about or to help someone suffering in silence who may realise that what they're feeling is not unique. I hope that someone will read it and be inspired to share their own story, because the more that the issue of male eating disorders is highlighted the more can be done to prevent others suffering as I have done.”

This book is one of very few that addresses the unique nature of eating disorders in men and will prove to be a valuable resource to those affected not only directly by an eating disorder, but those around them.

The books out there surrounding the topic of eating disorders are largely personal accounts of anorexia, with a very female focus. There are only a handful of books available which have been written by a man, or with a man in mind.

This disproportionate representation adds to the stigma that eating disorders are female conditions and leaves men with limited ways to realise their conditions, or to encourage themselves to seek professional support.

With the recent coverage of the increase in men suffering from life threatening eating disorders now is the time to be raising the subject, breaking down the barriers and talking about what is a real problem, that’s not going to go away.

I would hope that with the release of this book, men everywhere, their carers’, friends and relatives will be able to seek some solace from it, knowing that recovery is achievable.

But most important is the clear message that echoes from cover to cover, one which is often forgotten about, but one that needs to be remembered. Eating disorders don’t discriminate and can affect anyone of any age, gender, race and sexuality.

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