Bipolar disorder book

Bipolar disorder: a free book

By Liz Lockhart

The International Bipolar Foundation (IBPF) has produced a fantastic book called Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder. The fourteen chapter long book is an exceptionally useful tool to both the person with bipolar disorder and their caregivers.

IBPF is an organization that has worked tirelessly to better the lives of those living with bipolar disorder, and, in keeping with their mission, they are providing Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder free of charge.  It is packed with all the information that you could hope to find, expertly written and presented in an easy to understand format.

Of the fourteen chapters in the book, each one is written by an expert in the field, giving the reader useful facts, information and tools to help with this disorder.  The Consumer Advisory Board for IBPF felt that it was important for people to have an easily accessible ‘compendium’ of information. 

The hardcopy book is in a binder format which allows the user to add leaflets and handouts from their mental health providers and also to update chapters without having to order a new book.

"Having recieved a review copy of the book, I was blown away by what an incredibly complete and useful resource it is. It is expertly written, but so clear and easy to understand. Any bipolar suffer or caregiver should take this opportunity to get their hands on this fabulous free tool. We are very pleased to be able to offer this to our readers." Says Mental Healthy editor Charlotte Fantelli

Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder is broken into 3-sections:

  1. About Bipolar Disorder including chapters on children & adolescents, suicide, substance abuse, medication treatment, stigma and pregnancy
  2. Healthy Living includes chapters on family life and relationships, nutrition, spirituality and faith, the workplace, college, social interactions and the caregiver
  3.  Resources including Medication Charts, Medication Side Effect Checklist, Mood Chart, Exercise Journal, Food Log, Doctor Contact Sheet, Questions to Ask Your Doctor, and U.S. and International Mental Health Resources.

The IBPF is an American organization but the book has country-specific chapters written by consumers and professionals from around the world. 

The mission of IBPF is:

  • to eliminate Bipolar Disorder through the advancement of research
  • to provide and enhance care and support services for all affected
  • to erase associated stigma through public education

For your own free copy available in either digital or hardcopy, please email [email protected], click to learn more about the International Bipolar foundation.

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