Reviews - Bathtime Favourites


Each time I take a bath I try to stop myself from regarding it as another chore to be carried out and make it a special, pampering occasion, and when I do I feel so much better for it.  
   The following are my favourite products which I can totally recommend to you, having tried them all personally.
   First I run my bath using Sanex Bubble Bath (currently on offer in Boots was £2.75 now £1.38). I have tried the one recommended for sensitive skin and the scent is divine and makes my whole bathroom smell wonderful. The bubbles last for the entire duration of the bath unlike some cheaper products. I then wash using Nivea Cashmere Moments (£1.89 in Boots). I put just a couple of drops onto a sponge – oh the smell! I can imagine it as I write this – it is just lovely. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and pampered. When I have finished my bath and dried myself I use Aveeno Moisturising Creamy Oil on my skin (currently available in Boots at £6.99). It comes in a handy pump and has a light fragrance. It absorbs well into the skin and does not leave you feeling sticky or greasy. I use it all over, paying special attention to my elbows and heels as they tend to get dry – well, they used to!  I finish off with Sanex  Dermo Sensitive 
anti-perspirant deodorant (usual Boots price £2.09).  I just love the smell of it which lasts and lasts. Even if you can only afford one of these products, treat yourself.  There is nothing like a good pamper before bed to relax you and leave you feeling special.
Sure Maximum Protection £4.98 in Tesco. This is a must buy.  If you tend to sweat heavily or exercise a lot then you need this.  It is the only anti-perspirant,  that I have ever used, that truly prevents sweating.  It has a light, fresh scent that does not over-power.  
Dove Beauty Cream Wash Boots £1.99 
This comes in a handy pump action dispenser.  Just like a hand-wash which is essentially what it is, although it is mild enough to use on your face.  I use it as a hand wash because it moisturises and never leaves my hands feeling dry or rough.  I also use it to swill my face before I go to bed and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized.  It smells very pleasing too.
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