Anxiety, alcohol and drugs

Anxiety and substance abuse

Our shocking Uncovered report found that a staggering 34% of the population agreed that they are likely to turn to alcohol to cope with low mood, anxiety or depression. Used in this way, these substances can serve to maintain the level of anxiety that you feel.

If you take a couple of drinks to loosen up before you go into a potentially stressful situation, you may tell yourself that the only reason you coped, or were funny/interesting is because you had these drinks.

By using alcohol in this way, you are not addressing the situations that make you anxious or cause you worry. This, in turn, maintains your level of anxiety about these situations and can create dependency on the alcohol/drug. 

Where you find that you are using drink and/or other drugs to control anxiety or stress on a long term basis for most aspects of your life you may wish to consider if you need to address the underlying issues that provoke anxiety and/or your use of drugs and/or alcohol.

There are various organisations that can help you do this including:

Alcoholics Anonymous (Tel: 0845 769 7555) and

FRANK (Tel: 0800 776600 or text 82111).

You amy also find our article 'How much is too much?' useful.

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