Self-help Anxiety


While anxiety can leave a sufferer struggling and feeling disempowered, there is much a person can do to take back control and overcome their condition.

While there are different anxiety disorders as we outline in our anxiety section, as a general rule, anxiety can be improved by many of the following methods:

  • Education - Understanding the condition and symptoms can really help take the fear from it
  • Communication - Reaching out to others, discussing feelings, venting emotion and knowing you are not alone
  • Exercise - Physical exercise can help many of the very real physical symptoms of anxiety by using up many of the excess chemicals produced by the body's 'fight or flight' response
  • Diet - Blood sugar fluctuations, dehydration and trigger foods can all play a part in anxiety
  • Diarising - Keeping diaries can help track your condition, it can help you undertand yourself and keep track of how you are feeling now and how you have felt before.
  • Avoiding self medication - Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine can all have effect your body in ways that can exacerbate panic symptoms

There are many more ways to help yourself and below you will find many guides that can help you do just that.

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