Exercise 2 - Pelvic lifts

Exercise 2: Pelvic Lifts

A simple exercise that effectively helps to improve our core stability: the essential strength which allows us to safely play, take part in sports and carryout strenuous or general day-to-day tasks.  It helps produce a good posture (they way we carry ourselves), protects against back problems and lowers our risk of injuries.  It will also firm the abdominal, pelvic and backside muscles!  
All you need is a floor and an exercise mat (or soft carpet).  It mainly works our Gluteal muscles (backside) but also tones our abdominals, pelvis and back muscles.  Aim to carryout as many repetitions as necessary to reach a point of mild to moderate fatigue (not maximum).  
This whole cycle of movement, from start to finish, must be carried out fairly slowly throughout.  Although you should feel some work going on, it can also be quite a relaxing experience; a little bit of ‘time out’!
Caution:  Stop the exercise if you start to feel the onset of cramp in the muscles in the back of your thighs (Hamstrings).  If this occurs the next time you try the exercise, don’t lift your pelvis so high and aim to stretch your hamstrings regularly.
Need to take it to a higher level?  Try doing it with just one leg (the other leg should be kept raised off the floor with a bent knee).  This is quite a jump in difficulty, so it’s likely that you’ll not be able to do as many repetitions with one leg as you can with two.
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