Depression Books

A selection of available books on depression and what they are about:

Overcoming Depression: A guide to recovery with a complete self-help programme

By Prof. Paul Gilbert

A guide to recovery from depression with a complete self-help programme

Price: £8.19


Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life

By Alexandra Massey

This book offers a practical lifeline to depression sufferers.

Price: £6.40


The Depression Cure: The Six-Step Programme to Beat Depression Without  Drugs

By Dr Steve Ilardi

The six-step programme to beat depression without drugs.

Price: £6.67


Undoing Depression : What Therapy Doesn’t Teach You and Medication Can’t Give You

By Rickard O’Connor

What therapy doesn’t teach you and medication can’t give you if you suffer from depression.

Price: £8.70


Living with Depression: How to Cope when Your Partner is Depressed (previously cal Living with the Black Dog)

By Caroline Carr

How to cope when your partner is depressed.

Price: £5.99


Potatoes Not Prozac: How to Control Depression, Food Cravings and Weight Gain

By Kathleen Desmaisons

How to control depression, food cravings and weight gain.

Price: £4.32


How You Can Survive When They’re Depressed: Living and Coping with Depression Fallout

By Anne Sheffield

A guide to living and coping with depression fallout.

Price: £6.77


SOD-IT : The Depression ‘Virus’ and How to Deal with It.

By Martin Davies

There are many books on depression but none quite like this.

Price: £4.53


Depression : The Way Out of Your Prison

By Dorothy Rowe

The text gives us a way of understand our depression which matches our experience and which enables us to take charge of our life.

Price: £8.49


Anxiety & Depression 101 : Ebook Everything You Need to Know About Anxiety & Depression

By EBook Media Ventures

Everything you need to know about anxiety and depression.

Price: (digital media products available only at Amazon)


Depressive Illness – curse of the strong.

By Tim Cantopher

This book looks at how your immune system works and what can hamper it such as poor diet, lach of sleep or exercise, stress or depression.

Price: £4.77


Taming the Black Dog: How to Beat Depression – A Practical Manual for Suffers, Their Relatives and Colleagues

By Patrick Ellverton

A practical manual for suffers of depression, their relatives and colleagues

Price: £5.49


Overcoming Depression: a Self-help Guide Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

By Paul Gilbert

A self-help guide to overcoming depression using cognitive behavioural techniques.

Price: (available only through Amazon)


Challenging Depression and Despair: A medication-free, self-help programme that will change your life.

By Angela Patmore

A medication-free, self-help programme that helps when suffering from depression and despair.

Price: £7.14


Depression Can be Fun

By Helen McNallen

An initiative of Helen McNallen who has suffered from clinical and bipolar Depression.

Price: (digital media product available only at Amazon)


Overcoming Depression for Dummies (UK Edition)

By Elaine Iljon Foreman, Laura  L. Smith PhD, Charles H. Elliott PhD

This friendly, reassuring guide can help you get your depression under control.

Price: £8.00


Understanding Depression

By Kwame McKenzie

This book is a concise and easy to understand way of learning about depression.

Price: £4.70


How to lift depression....Fast ( The Human Givens Approach)

By Joe Griffin, Ivan Tyrrel

This is one of the most starting and uplifting books about depression ever written – the ‘essence of hope’.

Price: £6.19